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Boston Strong Toronto weak

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As we watched the orchestrated loss of Toronto to Boston, I couldn’t help agreeing with Marku$ Allen’s assessment of all sports (of financial consequence) is fixed.

He discusses this in one of his (free) calls www.marketing-ideas.org/Stump-….

He also gives radio.abirato.info a few plugs. He also has an interview with an Brian Tuoy of The Fix is In who writes about fixed sports outcomes of (at least) critical games.

The perps in this particular game pushed the credibility fact by going 7 games and also by letting the fixees overcome a 4-1 deficit with 11(!) minutes left in the last game (and of course the game ends in a 5-4 [=9] score.

Is the plan to let Boston take the Cup as reward for hosting the latest hoax? The script reads just like a movie.

Remember who one the Superbowl after 9/112001? New England Patriots

Who won after Hurricane Katrina? New Orlean Saints

Coincidence or fix? You decide.

Fixisin Boston game post

Brian’s facebook entry on game

Strong stronger stongest

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Boston Marathon- alLEGed “terror attack”- Apr15, 2013 • Cluesforum.info.

cf strongest

Love this post. Ties all the bullshit into one concise message.


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