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Torontonian wins $11M jackpot

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Amazing lottery winning amount: one occult number after the other. Can’t wait to see the sim-winner.

A Torontonian’s numbers came up lucky at Saturday’s Lotto 6/49 draw, and that person is now $11,031,692.30 richer.

via Torontonian wins $11M jackpot | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

Lotto lies

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Hamilton woman loses ticket  but wins big — think  50 million big   Toronto StarAnother very difficult to believe lottery story from the Ontario Lying and Gaming Commission. The lessons I’ve learned from the story are pay for your tickets with a credit card, enjoying being recorded on video while buying stuff, and be happy the OLG is working hard to make sure they pay out money fairly, even if you’re not paying attention.

My question is, does it make it easier to create phony winners when they say they will go to the winner as opposed to waiting for the winner to come to them? It probably doesn’t matter when you control the entire situation.

An unbelievable set of circumstances have come together for Kathryn Jones, who won $50 million from an unclaimed Lotto Max prize drawn a year ago — a win for which she lost the ticket and never checked the numbers.

via Hamilton woman loses ticket, but wins big — think $50 million big | Toronto Star.

There are so many problems with this story. The biggest one is how can you have a winner without a ticket? Wouldn’t this simple requirement open up a pandora’s box of people claiming they’ve won? Is the OLG going to hire 10,000 investigators to follow up on anyone’s claim?

How long does Shoppers, or any store for that matter, retain recorded video? My guess is that most won’t keep it that long, certainly not for a year. Most overwrite every 24 hours, and only grab the video if something occurs.

Real lottery winner?

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I don’t buy lottery tickets as a rule just out of principle, and also due the statistical impossibility of winning.

In Ontario, we have a monopoly ruling the operation, as in hydro, that makes it easier to control and therefore corrupt.

I’m suspicious of big lottery wins. They’re the main advertising tool to sell the scam. Small wins exist, but at a certain level I think they are fabricated. Check out all the big winners anywhere and look for clues.

Here’s another very simmy lottery winner. Looks like a bit of a conehead.

An OLG spokesman confirmed that Daniels had requested that no press conference be held to introduce him to the media.

Notice in the (controlled) comments there is an argument for not naming or publicizing winners. Wouldn’t that make not paying out or faking winners easier?



Slot hoax?

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I’ve posted before that I am suspicious of the large lottery winners. While I am sure that there are lots of little winners, some or most of the bigger winnings are most likely total fabrications. This story is fully of magic numbers. Click the page above for an updated section on occult numerology. fakeologist.com/psyop-terms/oc…

She saw the Michael Jackson slot machine and knew she wanted to Beat It.

Kathryn Stokes won $1.8 million at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls playing a Jackson-themed slot machine Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s unbelievable,” said the 55-year-old. “This is only my second visit to Fallsview Casino. I chose this machine because I love Michael Jackson’s music and I was lucky to win a few hundred dollars the first time I played. This time I put in only $60.”

via Woman wins $1.8M at Niagara Falls casino | Home | Toronto Sun.

Lotto doubt about the big winner

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lottoThe latest big winner story is full of the magic numbers, making me more certain the bigger payouts are fake.

Florida octogenarian claims record Powerball jackpot – Yahoo! News Canada ca.news.yahoo.com/florida-reve…

Are big lottery winners hoaxes?

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I often wondered, as did contributor Banazir, if the big lottery winners were hoaxes. This fresh article on a big winner has a few of our favorite tell-tale numbers:

B.C. lottery winner s odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques   CTV News

B.C. lottery winner’s odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques | CTV News.

Then there was the story I can’t seem to forget, where the biggest jackpot ever winner was filled with controversy, and of course, occult numbers.

Since we all agree our “government” lies to us, why would they lie about big paydays? Who would go along with it? Are the winners all actors?

Well, in just this small sample of stories, the winners all disappear. This is logical to us, but does it make sense for the long term? Sure it’s good to clear one’s head, but how many of us are willing to cut all ties and start a new life? Could there be other reasons for disappearing, as in, since these are “sims”, they don’t really exist and therefore have no past and certainly no future?

The why is easy. Lotteries are taxes on the stupid, which is most of us. When the payday goes up, it garners big publicity, and subsequently raises staggering amounts more than a normal draw. I must admit, once in a very blue moon, I will stop and indulge if I see big numbers.

It is puzzling why they wouldn’t pay out, I must admit. The whole reason, we are told, that government and only government can run lotteries is that private persons or corps are not trustworthy. Besides money, what would they have to gain? Since private banks (like the Bank of Canada) create fiat currency, why withhold a payout?

Perhaps the anomalies are simply coincidental. Too bad abirato.info doesn’t believe in coincidences.



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