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A psyOp just for me?

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Two have mentioned that the Mexico story could have been aimed at me and this website. While I’m humbled, I really doubt this site has much effect anywhere.

That said, let me clarify why Ajijic and San Miguel d’Allende could be in the news if the story is in fact fake. These are two highly desirable and growing communities that are attracting large numbers of wealthy North Americans. The climate is perfect year round and the labor is cheap. The same reasons corporations are shipping their jobs to Mexico is the same reason retirees want to go there. Who benefits? Mexico? Who loses? Warm American states. It could be as simple as that.

As for my 100% verified contact, they have met the woman a couple of times in her capacity as feature reporter for a local newspaper. They met the man once last year at a party. The know (and saw yesterday) the neighbor who saw the scene at the behest of the gardener, who discovered the bodies. They brought me the story before it broke. They declined to be interviewed by a known freelance reporter. If ever I was close to a media event, this is as close as I’ve come so far.

So, I don’t know if this story is (in full or in part) true or false. Most heavily promoted stories start off fake in my mind, and really, this one is no exception. I just have a few more personal distant connections, which is more than I can say for any other story.

A few oddities to summarise:

  • son doesn’t want to come identify body
  • suspect’s names are suspicious and odd
  • many occult numbers in story (ages)
  • gory bloody murders for robberies is uncommon
  • if victim had a recent stroke, how could he afford medical insurance, if he was insurable at all?
  • Canada’s foreign affairs has no comment


More loose Mexican balconies

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Update 1/5/2014: After someone came on the blog this past week complaining that this was a disrespectful blog post, I re-visited the “deceased”‘s facebook page. Not one fresh post on it. That’s odd, one might expect hundreds of fresh, mournful posts.  Looking at her husband’s facebook, we see a message from Shannon Guy. That’s odd, I thought she died. No, it seems to be his sister. How odd that your new wife and sister have the same name. Coincidence? This new entity has no facebook history, and a page that resembles other sims. Sadly, I don’t really have time to further investigate this poorly constructed story. Perhaps other fakeologists can further drill into the facebook “evidence”. Be aware that the #1 method of attacking fakeologists appears to be that we are being disrespectful to the dead. My answer is simple: it’s the media and those that own and control it that we have disrespect and suspicion of.  If we end up questioning a real story, then that’s a side effect of being deceived over and over again.

As for whether real friends of family would seek out stories questioning the veracity of a media report, that is doubtful. Surely they’d have better things to do rebuilding their lives. If they saw the context (this blog) of the questioning, then surely they’d understand and not attack in a shill-like way. (fakeologist.com/2013/05/14/shi… or http://fakeologist.com/2013/05/25/shillery-update/)

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Oct 18, 2013 @ 21:57

I still don’t get why the psyOp guns are pointed at Mexico, but I am pretty sure that most of the “Mexico is dangerous” stories are fake. I know many people who spend half the year down there and have very little bad to say about the place. We don’t tend to see these stories about Florida (or even Cuba). Is it simply because Mexico is the #1 destination for Canadians, and now is the time to de-promote it as winter approaches?

A cursory look at this story has many elements (sans magic numbers) of a fake story. Attributing all the photos to facebook, a lacking facebook page, no details due to “privacy concerns”, no names of officials … all looks like a bowl of weak psyOp soup.

Honeymoon ends in tragedy as Ontario bride dies after apparent balcony collapse in Mexico

via Honeymoon ends in tragedy as Ontario bride dies after apparent balcony collapse in Mexico | National Post.

Have some fun on the vicsim’s facebook page. If you’re familiar with facebook, drill down on all the “friends” of this entity by clicking on their names. You’ll notice that each of their pages is loosely based on a template, with similar photos, graphics, causes, animal photos, and other psyOps! It is a lot of work to create all these sims’ online profiles, and most if not all people will not notice these fake elements as we do.

click these articles to enlarge them:

Facebook of Shannon Amy Guy

3  Shannon Amy Guy
Honeymoon ends in tragedy as Ontario bride dies after apparent balcony collapse in Mexico   National Post


Canadians “gone” south

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Update: 1/5/14: they now have a fundraiser page.

Hi everyone. We now have a gofundme page.www.gofundme.com/61oyeo please visit this page and spread the word. Shirley’s family needs all the help they can get in this time of need. My condolences to all that Shirley touched. She was truly an angel! RIP Shirley! Justice will be served!

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I’m sure people can/do get into trouble when vacationing/moving away from Canada (to get away from -24C mornings, who can blame them). I’m not sure that the stories we’re given, however, are real. The facebook evidence we’re given, on even a quick glance, is completely unconvincing.

A photo posted on Facebook by Shawn shows his mother smiling and tanned with her hair braided, beads in Rastafarian colours on one side, Canadian flag colours on the other.

Friends say Lewis-McFarlane was always quick to laugh, and usually had a smile on her face, especially while gardening.

via Aurora woman found brutally murdered in Jamaica | Toronto Star.

Aurora woman slain in Jamaica | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

Support For Friends And Family Of Shirley Lewis-McFarlane

Do these Facebook posters on the above site look real to you? Note the dates they started on Facebook. Note when their accounts become very active. Note their photos, note their friends. Note how most are completely public (most people are quite private on facebook, last time I looked).