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Fruity nukes at the Oklahoma City Murrah building

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No doubt in my mind that Oklahoma was a mini 9/11. The parallels are endless and I’m glad to see OBF and Pshea make mention of it in the thread below that I commented on.

My favorite part of this fantasy theory is the pineapple nuke. If this miniaturization of the nuclear bomb hoax was true, then we need to immediately surround Costa Rica and start inspecting their biggest export, one by one. I am sure Dole will he happy to dole out the dough. Heck, if it can double their profits, why not? What’s next? Banana nukes? Obf and Pshea have it right. This was another military media hoax for fear and money like 9/11.

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Harmon Taylor.

On reflection, I did enjoy this broadcast. It’s quite clear that the whole Oklahoma City Bombing was a psyOp done in the same full-of-holes way as 9/11. The bomb in the fertilizer truck made no sense from an explosive point of view, the illegal moving of the trial from the state was not legal. The building itself was a state building rented to the feds.

As usual, the only thing Fetzer leaves out and glosses over is the possibility that no-one died, and the holes in the story can be simply attributed to the fact that it was a manufactured event. No truck was required, since the scene was a controlled demolition scene and they only had to say there was a truck, and back it up with fake witnesses and imagery. The parallels with the 9/11 planes and the impossible damage they did to real buildings are striking.

Getting back to the methodology of the destruction: how are nukes or direct energy weapons that we have no proof of their existence seem more likely and explainable than media fakery that we do have proof exists? Why do these two educated people insist of believing in magic instead of reality?

All their arguments become unhinged on this simple reality: their theories are magical where mine are based on today’s (and yesterday’s) very simple and cheap media manipulation.