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Three memes in one (Trinity)

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fakeologist apollo-nuke

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They’re really economizing with these stories: writing about three major fake psyOps in one article, complete with a frame-able Photoshop job. The cold war hoax, the nuclear hoax, and the Apollo hoax (not to mention the possiblity of a non-spherical earth), all combined into a beautiful work of fiction. Our best minds indeed. Do I see a movie in this? I think I see the twin towers down there..

.Nine seconds after 11 o’clock on the night of July 8, 1962, a 2,200-pound W-49 nuclear weapon detonated 248 miles above a tiny island to the west of Hawaii.

via How Cold War nuclear testing once made orbit unsafe for Apollo | Ars Technica.

Calling all tube vibration analysis experts

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When you listen to the scientific bafflegab in this youtube – you don’t need to be a high priest of the cult of nuclear physics to understand that those that create these hoaxes are mocking you with their silliness. Is it so hard to fix a cracked pipe? Aren’t there any plumbers or boiler techs available in California?

Can we expect an exit scenario for the San Onofre plant? Stay tuned as they say to this story.

Can you say FEMA drill anyone?

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