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Ottawa hoax discussion

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Jason contributes here occasionally and has some interesting musings in the Ottawa Shooting hoax.

Jason Erb has been writing for his blog, Exposing Faux Capitalism, since the start of the global financial collapse of 2008 and has been hosting his own weekly radio show since 2012. Jason covers economic, financial and political issues from a unique and uncompromisingly fact-based perspective. In the first hour, we’ll talk about the Ottawa shooting when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, an Islam convert fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier and then launched an attack in the nearby Centr


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Hoax search sponge

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The purpose of this story is complex. It is no doubt another false story. Its role is to grab all (google) searches that use keywords like “hoax” and “soldier” and “Ottawa War Memorial” and even “Ricky Gervais” and divert from any real search results exposing the Ottawa War Memorial Shooting Hoax.

Notice how they didn’t identify any names, officials, or real investigative details.

A man interviewed by the CBC during a Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa on Tuesday falsely identified himself as a sergeant in the Canadian Armed Forces, according to the broadcaster.

The man, who referred to himself as Franck Gervais during CBC’s coverage at the National War Memorial, is not a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, according to the Department of National Defence.

via Sergeant in Remembrance Day interview was imposter, CBC

says | Toronto Star.

The only war we the people are in is an information war. The real cyber war is between the PRC and its uninformed shitizens who are grasping at their (portable) telescreens, waiting for the next lie.

Do you really think real soldiers would even bother to call in to complain, if in fact the actually did see him on TV (no proof he was even on TV)?

“We have since learned that he was not, that his uniform was not correct, and that he was wearing medals he had not earned. All this was drawn to our attention by veterans and serving members, who were understandably angry at seeing this counterfeit soldier.

Ottawa terror hoax essay

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Zwicker does a great job breaking down the Ottawa Shooting PsyOp. He accepts the deaths and media ignorance memes that separate fakeologists from the rest of the truth community, but otherwise it’s an intelligent read.

I can assure you that our media anchors cannot read “news” for more than a week before they figure out their role as propagandists for the PRC.

THE “TERRORIST” EVENTS of Wednesday October 22nd in Ottawa and two days earlier in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu bear all the hallmarks of a coordinated cross-border one-two punch false flag operation.

via Canada’s false flag terror: fingerprints of U.S. involvement | Truth and Shadows.

Zach coming to Canada?

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Another good commentary on the Ottawa shooting shooting hoax. Stephen Harper is actually our Prime Minister, no President – but we get the point. Remember Zach if you want to come to Canada that we’re 10 years behind the US in everything generally. No nation will be safe from these psyOp hoaxes.