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Ep56-Lenon Sherman Honor

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ep56-911 Mind Control with Lenon Honor

Showtime: Saturday, August 17, 2013 7pm EDT

Two of my favorite topics wrapped up into one: 9/11 and PsyOps. This is what your reality is all about! Continue reading

Three memes in one (Trinity)

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fakeologist apollo-nuke

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They’re really economizing with these stories: writing about three major fake psyOps in one article, complete with a frame-able Photoshop job. The cold war hoax, the nuclear hoax, and the Apollo hoax (not to mention the possiblity of a non-spherical earth), all combined into a beautiful work of fiction. Our best minds indeed. Do I see a movie in this? I think I see the twin towers down there..

.Nine seconds after 11 o’clock on the night of July 8, 1962, a 2,200-pound W-49 nuclear weapon detonated 248 miles above a tiny island to the west of Hawaii.

via How Cold War nuclear testing once made orbit unsafe for Apollo | Ars Technica.

Predicting the next PsyOp

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On last night’s radio program, Ep39-More Boston Marathon Hoax | radio.abirato.info, we discussed drills, and how they were an integral part of the military media hoaxes. With that in mind, we decided to be on the lookout for the next advertised drill, and get ready for the next big psyOp, or drill that goes live.

The first simulated test of a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant was a success, federal officials said on Friday of the event that was coincidentally scheduled a day after the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday.

via First terror drill at U.S. nuclear plant a success: officials – Yahoo! News.

Haskell Indian Nations University will hold an “active shooter” drill on May 1 to practice safety procedures to be used in a campus shooting.

Haskell University to conduct campus shooting drill May 1 / LJWorld.com

Make sure you listen to last night’s show. We had 6 very diverse callers on at once – all with some pretty fascinating opinions of Boston and other “events”.

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FAK022:Robin Fisher

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Robin Fisher is our guest. OBF and Erik dropped by for a chat. Topics included controlled opposition, Sandy Hook, SMOM.

Robin’s Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/RobinMFisher?feature=watch

OBF truth and shadows thread: http://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/multiple-suspects-a-profusion-of-weapons-and-arrests-suppressed-in-sandy-hook-shooting-story

NB: Our stream wasn’t working right at show time last night. Coincidence? Just like all the 9/11 coincidences I am sure. Therefore I am more off my game than normal during the call. A new server and backup server will be sourced and found under STREAMS under the banner. You can always skype in to listen at ab.irato99 (add me as a contact).


AIDS – Scam, Psyop or just misunderstood?

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A pretty fascinating audio on the disease called AIDS.

Has the disease been solved? Why is it suddenly out of the media? What’s Magic Johnson’s health like? Where did he go? Was he just a non-homosexual (black) representative to give us the impression that anybody can get this disease?

This could be a very complex psyop. The lack of information in 2012 leads me to believe this “disease” is a psyop that’s run its course. Its usefulness to scare the hell out of people has ended.

Progressive Commentary Hour – 031212 – Celia Farber – YouTube.

Of course cluesforum has a lhread on this: http://www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1455&hilit=aids

Demand-A-Plan! Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves~ – YouTube

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Demand-A-Plan! Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves~ – YouTube.

Oh hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood celeb-u-tard. Could it be more obvious how these actors must sell their souls to be in their positions? The psychic driving of the various psyop events is dramatic and endless.

Original video:



Another odd story

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Once more, not easy to see why this would be fake, but there are just too many references to known fake events that make this seem like another hero removed from the sim-story. This simply saves future questions from being asked of him.

Superstorm Sandy lifeguard who saved lives drowns in Puerto Rico   thestar.com



Fake or not? You decide – and question all!

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firefightersNot too much to go on here. Part of the problem of all the media fakery we are being pounded with is some fake events give fewer clues. Of course, they may be real, but we don’t really have any way of telling for sure. We cannot give them the benefit of the doubt any more.

Not too many clues here – we have the magical 33 neighbors though. Whole story seems incredible and hard to believe – which probably means it didn’t happen.


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More Sandy Hook – Dec 21 2012 2045h EST | radio.abirato.info

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banner_radio abirato

We did a radio show last night. Have a listen!

More Sandy Hook – Dec 21 2012 2045h EST | radio.abirato.info.