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More Sandy Hook – Dec 21 2012 2045h EST | radio.abirato.info

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We did a radio show last night. Have a listen!

More Sandy Hook – Dec 21 2012 2045h EST | radio.abirato.info.

Nurse prank call hoax

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Boy these psyops are getting lamer and lamer. There is almost nothing believable about this one. -The radio show hosts Mel and Michael just started their careers – one recruited from a “reality” TV show. -did anyone hear the call? I did (alleged call). There is no way the two DJs were calling the actual hospital. The actresses answering the phone were clearly not nurses or hospital workers -the victim shows all kinds of indications of being a sim. If you don’t know what a sim is, check the vicsim report on cluesforum.info -when a VIP is in a public hospital, even the real queen wouldn’t be able to call in. So what’s the solution part of the problem/reaction/solution principle of this psyop? We will have to wait and see. Sadly, even @howardstern can’t see this one – and his show revolutionized prank calls. Perhaps he *does* know but is playing along with the reaction. His 9/11 show charade was too indicative of his complicity.