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Jungle on the Quebec train hoax

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Where are all the Canadian commentators? Let’s go Canada, time to wake up!

Lac Megantic researcher

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Good to see another well done blog with some good research on the Quebec train crash hoax.

There are a lot of ways to approach a “media event” like the train crash in the Canadian town near the Maine border. Rather than go into a complete analysis, I personally find it amazing that these illusions can be pulled off even half-successfully. After reviewing nearly 100 photos on Google picture search of the Lac Magantic oil-tanker train crash, I’ve spotted some unexplainable astonishing anomolies that are key indicators of a hoax.

via RickPotvin.com : TRAINCRASH – How the illusion is created..

Bring on the sims

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Here’s the first story making mention of the vicsims of the train “disaster”. Toronto’s biggest newspaper doesn’t even attribute the story to anybody or any news organization. The source is “police say”. Is this reporting or storytelling? Doesn’t anyone want to put their name to this fiction?

The carnage was indiscriminate: young and old, white and black, men and women, early birds and night owls. Some died in their beds, others in the Musi-Café.

via Lac-Megantic derailment: Faces of

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the disaster | Toronto Star.

Jr. Quebec Train PsyOp continues

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The made-for-Canada (but probably not made in Canada) psyOp continues 5 days later. If anyone is still paying attention to this watered down version of any American psyOp, they’ll see the results of the complete underfunding of the vicsim portion of the hoax.

But investigators still refuse to make names public, as some who were originally listed as missing have since been located.

‘More or less 60 persons’ missing in Lac-Mégantic train disaster.

How do they expect people to believe that 5 days later, we have no names of vicsims “out of respect for the families”? If your family member was missing, wouldn’t you be screaming from the hilltops for them to call in or be identified?

Here’s a new “amateur” video recently released:

A few minor anomolies:

  • streetlights still on – one burned powerline pole would kill the power
  • random vehicle traffic around fire area, seemingly oblivious to the huge fireballs
  • fireballs and smoke seem very repetitious, as in a video loop
  • spectators are quite close for a huge fire. The heat would be tremendous and emanate for hundreds of meters
  • my poor French was enough to hear the constant “oh my God”s so prevalent in “amateur” videos of past psyOps, like 9/11 and the recent SF runway crash



Let the public money flow

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People ask why should we care about psyOps? I reply: Do you care about where 50% of your income goes, and how its spent? I do, and liars make me angry.

The Quebec government has announced a $60-million fund to help victims in Lac-Megantic, Que., and will take other actions that range from the symbolic to the concrete in the wake of a train disaster.

Premier Pauline Marois has announced that Quebec flags will be lowered to half-mast for a week.

Meanwhile, she says she expects money from an emergency fund to start flowing immediately, with an initial $1,000 to help people in distress.

“When someone comes to ask for help, we want the cheque to head out that day,” Marois told a Quebec City news conference Wednesday.

via Quebec lowers flags to half-mast, creates $60-million fund for Lac-Megantic.

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More train hoax psyOp confirmation

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This makes me more sure that Canada farms out its psyOps to our neighbor to the south. Too bad Chris Hadfield wasn’t still up there, he could sing sweet memorials to the people of Quebec.

Newly released NASA photos offer a stunning glimpse at the scale of the oil tanker explosion that devastated the small Quebec community of Lac-Mégantic early Saturday morning.

via Lac Megantic: NASA photos reveal grim before and after | Toronto Star.

Lac Megantic train disaster hoax

likes this

Cluesforum.info now has a thread on what looks like one of the bigger hoaxes to hit Canada in recent memory. Some great posts I’ll highlight here:


“Canadian Prime Minister Harper, right, surveys the scene Sunday, July 7, 2013 in Lac Megantic, Quebec,

bad photoshopping job

as firefighters continue to spray derailed tanker cars. A runaway train derailed Saturday causing explosions of railway cars carrying crude oil and destroyed part of the downtown area of Lac Megantic.”

“surveys the scene” ? What is he doing other than posing for a photo? In what world do firefighters let civilians that close to a fire while they are spraying to contain it just a few yards away?

Steve O:

First the numbers a 72 car freight train (7+2 = 9) parked 11 kms from the city center.


via Lac Megantic- train derailment-July 6, 2013 • Cluesforum.info.

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