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Exit stage … right?

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Rumors are swirling that our former populist mayor is on death’s door. I’ve stated many times that I don’t think he has cancer and this is all a (sick) hoax, but perhaps the hoax is ready to climax as he retires out of the spotlight.

The last major “for the people” populist Canadian pol to exit the state via cancer was Jack Layton. I wrote here that he too expired quickly, just as it became possible that he might ascend to a position of power and tilt the favor back towards the “people” when it came to public policy.

Is it psyop practice to allow populist leaders who appear to be against the fascist-like system we have of crony capitalism to ascend and then be removed by some unfortunate event (assassination or rapid cancer?) Kennedy x3, Jack Layton, Gaddafi, Pim Fortuyn are a few that come to mind.Photo published for Rob Ford’s family keeps vigil at hospital after failed round of chemo | Toronto Star

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