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They seeded this story early

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Forgot about this story. The purpose is to soak up all searches seeking the actual death hoax of 3/22/16.

Rob Ford is dead. At least that’s what social media is saying. However the Toronto Mayor didn’t die. He’s just the victim of an Internet death hoax.

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Not even close

This is why I think CIA mask technology that IPS promotes is simple disinfo – similar to the theme from the movie Mirage Men which he also promotes.

The star of Homeland and Billions spent seven hours with a makeup team to play Canada’s infamous crack-smoking mayor.


Rob Ford and company replayed the Marion Barry crack hoax drama for Toronto. Since he would have been reelected mayor again, he was hoaxed to death so his brother could get the big chair in Ontario and unpopular John Tory could acclaim the mayorship of Toronto.

RIP Neil Peart, Rush drummer extraordinaire

likes this

Oh not not Neil!
This has been a bad week for death – starting last Friday, we had the “death” of the leader of an elite “terrorist” group in Iran – a general who may have had the edge in any Iranian leadership change.
Then we had the 63 Canadians plus others on a Ukranian plane all die in a holocaust of plane wreckage in Tehran. This crash was like all the other very unlucky and unlikely Ukraine crashes – no details, plenty of confusion, no way to know what happened.
Next we had one of the best drummers in the history of the instrument and definitely in Canada die of brain cancer – I didn’t even know he was sick! This looks a lot like Rob Ford’s instant cancer – www.livescience.com/47902-rob-… – Gord Downie’s brain cancer www.cbc.ca/news/health/gliobla…. Apparently he died January 7 – and they waited until now (late Friday afternoon 1/10) to let us all down.
Add to that a major weather storm for the weekend – pre-announced on MONDAY – and we have a MISERABLE return to work week to start the year!
I will add this post to fakeologist.com when it’s back up – it’s being moved to a new server on the same host.

Let’s hope Neil is in the DCP – and that the band gets a big sales boost. Will Rush return in 18 months with a new drummer for a reunion tour? Mrs. Fakeologist says Alex has arthritis and can’t really play – but at least he’s alive. Time will tell – even though it stands still.

Rob Ford death hoax

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The Ford matriarch, who died this week, spilled the beans on the long term plan for her boys’ power play back in 2012.

The order of offices may be wrong, but I am sure that the mayorship and Premiership were all up for dealing between the boys and Tory.

From Maclean’s 2012

As for that political franchise, few knew that the Fords had a long-term game plan. John Tory discovered it in 2003, when he was running for mayor against David Miller. Advised that he ought to seek out the blessing of Ford’s father, who was then regarded as the reigning power broker in Etobicoke, Tory arranged a lunch date with the retired MPP. When he arrived, he found Doug Sr. waiting to size him up along with Diane and all three of their burly blond sons. After an hour of pleasant chatter, Diane Ford got to the point. She said, “Well, we think you’re a pretty good fellow and we’re going to support you for mayor,” Tory recalls. ‘You can serve for a couple of terms and then it’ll be Robbie’s turn.


Via twitter.com/sunlorrie/status/1…

Ford cancer care examined

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I’m not getting much support from my local contacts for my theory that the Rob Ford death was a hoax. This is understandable, since it is close to home. The closer a deception is to one, the less likely people believe they can be fooled.

One of the more nagging reasons for questioning Ford’s cancer story is simple: money. The Ford family has money, and lots of it we are told. Like Trump, he allegedly paid for most of his own political expenses out of his own pocket.

Why then wouldn’t he pursue treatments for his cancer at the best hospitals in the world? He has the money to go anywhere. Canada is known for universal mediocre health care. People don’t come from around the world to Toronto for cancer care last time I looked. We have a top ranked research hospital – Prince Margaret. Why didn’t he go there?

If all regular allopathic avenues don’t work, why not go alternative? Even Farrah Fawcett tried German new medicine (true or not who knows). Mexico has many therapies that aren’t allowed in the American world – like Gerson, that reportedly work for some.

Why not just lose weight? He was clearly morbidly obese during all his public appearances. Is there even a real validated image of him in recent months?

Remember, the Ford family has made his life, all of it from good to bad, public. Therefore, any speculation is fair game. If he was a private entity, then I’d ignore him and his life. I actually like Rob Ford, unlike the chattering classes, but like the average Joe (that’s me). I personally didn’t believe any of the stories being smeared on him, whether he played along with them or not. It’s logical I don’t believe this (ultimate) story either. Isn’t it a good thing to wish he was alive and not dead – ready for his new, private life away from the mess he made in public?

If I’m wrong, I intend no disrespect. Like all media stories, I don’t need to prove them fake – the media needs to prove they are true – since they lost my confidence a long time ago.

Rob Ford’s body will lie in repose at Toronto City Hall for two days next week.Ford’s family announced the details Wednesday for the ex-mayor’s funeral. The Etobicoke North (Ward 2) councillor will lie in repose at City Hall on Monday and Tuesday for the public to pay their respects.

Source: Rob Ford funeral on Wednesday | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

Dead Ford masks our dead reckoning day

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It is NOT a coincidence the Rob Ford death hoax story was released on the same day Canadians went another level into the debt hole, according to the new “budget”.  Where I live, I owe my share of  $616 billion + $295 billion.

When we can’t pay the interest, we will be surrendering “official” control of our resources. Lake Ontario will be owned sold to Coca-Cola. Our highways will be sold to European elites. This WILL happen. It’s their money system.

Psyops are a magician’s trick to distract from the real problems.

A key question swirls around the budget’s bottom line — how big will the deficit be, and how long will it take to erase it?The Liberal election campaign promise was to run “moderate” deficits of no more than $10 billion a year for three years before balancing the books again. But last month Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the deficits will be much larger than expected.Morneau said the government will post a smaller than projected deficit of $2.3 billion for 2015-16, down from the $3-billion deficit projected in November’s fall fiscal update.But he said that deficit will balloon to $18.4 billion in 2016-17 and $15.5 billion in 2017-18 — and that is before any new budget spending.

Source: Federal budget 2016: 5 things to watch for today – Politics – CBC News

Now some favorite distraction moments, while your pocket was being picked – NOTHING CHANGED!

How a fakeologist mind works

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Was doing the moonwatch:

Cee Dee was going to play the Cars, so I thought about them and how fantastic they were, and how bad music is today:

Then remembered how Benjamin Orr was a huge star and a sex symbol that I never paid attention to (I only really knew Ocasek) .

Then I remembered he got pancreatic cancer young, looked skeletal, and then died.

L-Ocasek, R-Benjamin Orr

Then I thought of Rob Ford, who we’re told has cancer and is undergoing chemo at a maternity/infectious diseases (SARS anyone) hospital (not a cancer hospital) and last looked like this:

Then I thought just about everyone in this world can be fooled by the media, despite what their 6 senses tell them.

How sad.

Exit stage … right?

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Rumors are swirling that our former populist mayor is on death’s door. I’ve stated many times that I don’t think he has cancer and this is all a (sick) hoax, but perhaps the hoax is ready to climax as he retires out of the spotlight.

The last major “for the people” populist Canadian pol to exit the state via cancer was Jack Layton. I wrote here that he too expired quickly, just as it became possible that he might ascend to a position of power and tilt the favor back towards the “people” when it came to public policy.

Is it psyop practice to allow populist leaders who appear to be against the fascist-like system we have of crony capitalism to ascend and then be removed by some unfortunate event (assassination or rapid cancer?) Kennedy x3, Jack Layton, Gaddafi, Pim Fortuyn are a few that come to mind.Photo published for Rob Ford’s family keeps vigil at hospital after failed round of chemo | Toronto Star

11m ago @Smittyd77 tweeted: “Rob Ford‘s office says councillor is ali..” – read what others are saying and join the conversation.

Source: News about “Rob Ford” on Twitter

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