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Ford cancer care examined

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I’m not getting much support from my local contacts for my theory that the Rob Ford death was a hoax. This is understandable, since it is close to home. The closer a deception is to one, the less likely people believe they can be fooled.

One of the more nagging reasons for questioning Ford’s cancer story is simple: money. The Ford family has money, and lots of it we are told. Like Trump, he allegedly paid for most of his own political expenses out of his own pocket.

Why then wouldn’t he pursue treatments for his cancer at the best hospitals in the world? He has the money to go anywhere. Canada is known for universal mediocre health care. People don’t come from around the world to Toronto for cancer care last time I looked. We have a top ranked research hospital – Prince Margaret. Why didn’t he go there?

If all regular allopathic avenues don’t work, why not go alternative? Even Farrah Fawcett tried German new medicine (true or not who knows). Mexico has many therapies that aren’t allowed in the American world – like Gerson, that reportedly work for some.

Why not just lose weight? He was clearly morbidly obese during all his public appearances. Is there even a real validated image of him in recent months?

Remember, the Ford family has made his life, all of it from good to bad, public. Therefore, any speculation is fair game. If he was a private entity, then I’d ignore him and his life. I actually like Rob Ford, unlike the chattering classes, but like the average Joe (that’s me). I personally didn’t believe any of the stories being smeared on him, whether he played along with them or not. It’s logical I don’t believe this (ultimate) story either. Isn’t it a good thing to wish he was alive and not dead – ready for his new, private life away from the mess he made in public?

If I’m wrong, I intend no disrespect. Like all media stories, I don’t need to prove them fake – the media needs to prove they are true – since they lost my confidence a long time ago.

Rob Ford’s body will lie in repose at Toronto City Hall for two days next week.Ford’s family announced the details Wednesday for the ex-mayor’s funeral. The Etobicoke North (Ward 2) councillor will lie in repose at City Hall on Monday and Tuesday for the public to pay their respects.

Source: Rob Ford funeral on Wednesday | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun


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If it is true, it’s sad. If it’s not, it’s sick. Either way, Ford is written out of the script – another “man for the people” taken away in a too early, nasty fashion. It’s a message to all future pols who want to challenge the system that it’s dangerous, and a message to the people that you can’t have a leader who is intent on changing the status quo.

I posted my thoughts here, but let me add that the meme that he died, posted in the social media, circulated a few days ago. It was soon described as a hoax by his family.

Who would have put this meme out? The hoaxsters of this possibly psyOp themselves? Of course – it simply acts as a google search sponge to absorb all those that search for “Rob Ford death hoax”.

Rob Ford, the Toronto city councillor who became the world’s most famous mayor during a wild, scandal-filled term, is dead at age 46.The married father of two young children died after 18 months of treatment for a rare and aggressive cancer first diagnosed in the midst of his 2014 bid to be re-elected mayor. Ford would have turned 47 on May 28.

Source: Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, dead after battle with cancer | Toronto Star

ford hoax twitter Ford top twitter “trend”, even beating Brussels (hoax) in Toronto trends. ford trend

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How a fakeologist mind works

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Was doing the moonwatch:

Cee Dee was going to play the Cars, so I thought about them and how fantastic they were, and how bad music is today:

Then remembered how Benjamin Orr was a huge star and a sex symbol that I never paid attention to (I only really knew Ocasek) .

Then I remembered he got pancreatic cancer young, looked skeletal, and then died.

L-Ocasek, R-Benjamin Orr

Then I thought of Rob Ford, who we’re told has cancer and is undergoing chemo at a maternity/infectious diseases (SARS anyone) hospital (not a cancer hospital) and last looked like this:

Then I thought just about everyone in this world can be fooled by the media, despite what their 6 senses tell them.

How sad.

Exit stage … right?

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Rumors are swirling that our former populist mayor is on death’s door. I’ve stated many times that I don’t think he has cancer and this is all a (sick) hoax, but perhaps the hoax is ready to climax as he retires out of the spotlight.

The last major “for the people” populist Canadian pol to exit the state via cancer was Jack Layton. I wrote here that he too expired quickly, just as it became possible that he might ascend to a position of power and tilt the favor back towards the “people” when it came to public policy.

Is it psyop practice to allow populist leaders who appear to be against the fascist-like system we have of crony capitalism to ascend and then be removed by some unfortunate event (assassination or rapid cancer?) Kennedy x3, Jack Layton, Gaddafi, Pim Fortuyn are a few that come to mind.Photo published for Rob Ford’s family keeps vigil at hospital after failed round of chemo | Toronto Star

11m ago @Smittyd77 tweeted: “Rob Ford‘s office says councillor is ali..” – read what others are saying and join the conversation.

Source: News about “Rob Ford” on Twitter

Live on Twitter

Who is Rob Ford?

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The bergs of Toronto want to know if they are watching an act out of a play or if something real is going on. The question was asked in my email box,

Can take a look at what Ford is wearing….is this a masonic thing?

That is just the Chain of Office.
But if you look closely, it is Templar/Masonic in the engravings of the city of Toronto medallion and the one above it.

Now obviously he isn’t going to say each medallion is Templar/Masonic, so one has to know the truth to the symbols used in each medallion and their origins in order to see it. You might not find the compass and square out in the open but the other symbols, like the Templar Maltese crosses, Zoroastrian engravings, Hermetic engravings, Latin and the use of other deeper meaning symbols are there.

He’s in on it for sure.
If not, he slipped through the cracks and they are forcing him out any which way possible.
But slipping through the cracks seems tough to believe with Ford, considering his background, upbringing, Notre Dame, Carleton…
The guy is a son of a man who built a 100 million dollar company. So I think he is in on it, but he’s just too damn dumb to complete the job given….not that you have to be a rocket scientist. But David Miller before him, was definitely a mason, a semi-heavy hitter when you do the detective work. So all in all Ford is probably more of a liability for the overlords than they initially thought, so they are creating profit because there is no news like bad news, in trying to cancel him out. These little psyops are probably generating enough revenue for a little nest egg for him, not that he needs it…the rich little spud.

Here is another example of some outside fitting, inside hugging by the masons.
Slightly less than halfway down the page you will see Chavez arguing with King Juan Carlos and Aznar. Yet in reality they are all allies.

Who is Toronto Police Chief William Blair?

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After watching the above linked video of our police chief, I tend to agree that him getting involved in this affair and commenting on the mayor brings his integrity and role in this smear/fakery into question. Why is a chief commenting on a video that no-one can verify, on a mayor who hasn’t been charged with any crime?

Just who is this guy? What is his role? This is the second suspicious event he’s been part of – the first one being the Sammy Yatin streetcar hoax, that Johnny C. and I tried to deconstruct earlier. http://fakeologist.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=post_tag&tag_ID=191

Robin Fisher will help me deconstruct his role and the Toronto police’s role in keeping Toronto at the forefront of psyOps.


Staged raid in Toronto

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dixon raidsMore local mini media events here in Toronto: a staged raid, and the details of the raid are filled with magic numbers and confirmation of what I am convinced is a fake photo.

Dixon Road raids help complete infamous Rob Ford photo | Toronto Star.

The raid was clearly police “theater”. I am all for law and order, but this raid was more for show than for stopping crime. Why and how they’ve decided to weave Rob Ford into the story and the fake video and photo is odd.

Another point: how is that in only a few hours they had all the counts: guns, suspects, and the cash counts. How did they manage to count all those 20s and 100 dollar bills (the most likely currency of retail drug users) so quickly? Answer: the numbers are fabricated.

I actually met (in person) someone who is associated with one of the broken into apartments. His story is completely different from what the media has told us. Perhaps he will join us on a future radio.abirato.info broadcast.