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What if Mr. Fetzer?

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Just listened to another radiofetzer broadcast with two “oh so close” to the truth guests. Many listeners tell me that a breakthrough is coming in getting the media fakery word out. They just may be right.

At the 1:24:00 mark of the show, Sophia posits “what is no-one died at Sandy Hook?” or “what if no-one lost legs at Boston?”, to which Fetzer let out a big guffaw and laugh. This is such a critical point I was anxious to see how it was brushed off, and in true form, Fetzer did not disappoint. The only thing left for her to say, which I was waiting for, was “what if no-one died on 9/11?” Think of the laughs that one would have got!

The way Sophia was constructing the probably mechanism for creating such a fake event via drills was the best I’ve heard so far. Her explanations for why those who “acted” the way they did made great sense.

I strongly suggest you listen to the broadcast here:


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