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All purpose psyOp actor

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Boy this guy is one lucky sim! He has survived a trio of psyOps! 9/11, Bali and the big tsunami of ’04.

PsyOps are very expensive. Makes sense to economize on the characters.

It all started on September 11, 2001. Mark Weingard, a former trader, was due at Fuji Capital, a Japanese bank that occupied floor 79 through to 82 in the old South Tower of the World Trade Centre. Only he was running late after working through the night on his fledging interest rate-trading platform. “I rang them to say sorry. And they said, ‘Don’t bother coming in. A plane’s just hit the World Trade Center’.” Minutes later, the second jet crashed into Fuji Capital’s offices, killing 23 of their employees. To this day, Weingard, now 47, says he has not watched any footage of the jumpers. “I refused, the day afterwards, even to turn on the TV. I’ve never seen any of the video coverage.”

via The man who survived 9/11, Bali blasts & ’04 tsunami – The Times of India.