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Children used for deception

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We saw it during the Sandy Hoax PsyOp, and it looks like it’s being used here as part of the SSSSnake SSSyop.. Examine this video carefully, noting that most children cannot deceive deliberately up to about 7, the age I am guessing of this child. They can tell stories as told to them, however, especially if they are their true experiences. The only minor odd thing about this video is the left and right audio channels being used exclusively for the interviewer and child and not mixed. This raises the possibility that the child was answering questions from another interviewer, with the final result mixed in expertly. The fact that we don’t see the interviewer in the same shot confirms this.

Watch and leave your comments.

RAW: Barthe boys’ friend on MSN Video.

h/t JohnnyC

SSSSnakes ssssyop interview

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I called a snakeologist today and asked a few questions about Canada’s big psyOp of the week, the SSSSnake psyOp.

Needless to say that his information only confirms in my mind that we are dealing with another fake event. Now how much is fake? Be clear that an exotic animal store probably exists. A funeral was probably held. Interviews were really conducted. All events that can be easily constructed like a movie, complete with actors. A psyOp is a composite event, and because it mixes reality with fakery, it is very difficult to discern which parts are manufactured.



dr walton

Here’s the old story the Dr. was referring to.

Maple Ridge vet could have trouble finding albino python a home after New Brunswick tragedy

h/t Banazir for Dr. Story

More SSSnake SSSyop SSSilliness

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Since when did Environment Canada have anything to do with snakes, reptiles, or any other animal?

According to Environment Canada’s records, Reptile Ocean was operating as a zoo at the time, Johnson said.

via Environment Canada helped deliver child-killing snake | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

From their website ec.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&#…

Our Mandate

Environment Canada’s mandate is to

  • preserve and enhance the quality of the natural environment, including water, air, soil, flora and fauna;
  • conserve Canada’s renewable resources;
  • conserve and protect Canada’s water resources;
  • forecast daily weather conditions and warnings, and provide detailed meteorological information to all of Canada;
  • enforce rules relating to boundary waters; and
  • coordinate environmental policies and programs for the federal government.

Don’t see anything about animals here. Perhaps the American equivalent agencies have some animal interests.

I suggest the US PsyOp writers hire someone in Canada to make sure their stories make more sense.

Ssssnakes alive!

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Snakes are slithering loose everywhere across Canada. They must have a facebook group of be part of al-Snakeda, since this new found terror appears coordinated. All if them are of occult length and residence.

The snake is a 1.2 metre-long ball python.
RCMP Cpl. Doug Trousdell says the snake isn’t believed to be dangerous. The ball python is a nonvenomous snake.
“It was a pet snake that had gotten loose somewhere in the house,” Trousdell said.
The snake was last seen Tuesday night at the house in the 1800 block of Purcell Way.

Hide your rabbits and small children!


SSSSnake face

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Python strangles sleeping boys above New Brunswick pet shop   Toronto StarThose that make these psyOps must have a database of favorite simFaces. I am sure I’ve seen this one before quite recently but can’t place it. Can any of you fakeologists help?

Python strangles sleeping boys above New Brunswick pet shop | Toronto Star.

SSSSSuspicious SSSSSnake SSSStory

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Why did a python kill 2 boys in N.B.  Experts explain  extremely rare  attack   CTV NewsThey wouldn’t fake a story like this to get a snake store shut down, would they?

Notice the story has no names of vicsims, no police name or police confirmation. It has magic, tell-tale numbers. A complete fairy (snake) tale.

However, there was an online petition calling for Reptile Ocean to be shut down. The person who started the petition complained about the humidity in the store and the condition of some animals.

via Python kills two boys in their sleep at New Brunswick sleepover – The Globe and Mail.