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Taser push back

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Looks like the Sammy Yatim PsyOp authors will have to work harder to convince Torontonians that their cops need tasers.

A plan to arm Toronto’s front-line police officers with Tasers was met with stiff opposition at a public consultation Tuesday night at City Hall.
Roughly 80 residents and activists crowded into the council chamber for the meeting, which was called by the Toronto Police Services Board’s mental health subcommittee in response to a recent provincial decree that frontline officers, not just supervisors, should be permitted to carry stun guns.
Almost to a person, participants advised the board to reject the expanded use of the devices, which are also known as conducted energy weapons (CEWs), and focus instead on better training and de-escalation techniques.


Toronto Streetcar Hoax

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I want to introduce Johnny C, who was on my past broadcast. A new listener and someone new to fakery, Johnny has taken to fakeology research very quickly and single quickly learned how to post and upload marked-up links (although it took some time on both our ends getting the software to work).

I myself am slowly working through his thread. He’s digging much deeper than I would even bother into this story. Although I am troubled that this is happening in my city, I am quite convinced that we are dealing with a contracted-out psyOp.

Please look at the thread below in our forums. Good work Johnny!

Topic: More on Streetcar Named Fakery | Ab Irato.

Meet simOfficer Forcillo

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I’m pretty sure that the SIU is required by law to reveal “subject officers” immediately. While we may see a real person playing the role of this officer, I’d be surprised if Mr. Forc(e)illo was ever a Toronto Police Service officer.

I’m not quite sure why those that pull off and those that agree to these hoaxes want to see a tension manufactured between the citizens and the police. Is this part of a divide and conquer strategy? Here’s an excerpt of an unimaginative fake background:

I must remind myself and others that as far as I can tell, psyOps are always conducted within the confines of the law. While they are immoral in their deception, they are not illegal. It is not illegal for the wholly-owned media to lie. So most of their statements and actions in their stories are always close to the truth or the way the truth would look, but there’s always one small thing missing or twisted that the average serf will miss.

It’s too bad real reporters don’t seem to exist or are silenced. Those that deal with police and court matters on a regular basis would see these glitches instantly. If there are any real past columnists in the Toronto area who I (used to) respect who want to chime in here,contact me. We can discuss this privately if you’re afraid to expose truth.

It appears that even more than a decade ago, Forcillo knew he wanted to be a police officer.

On the website for a Toronto gym started with a high school friend, a James Forcillo, then a Grade 12 student who played football in 1999 for what is now the Toronto Grizzlies, was described as planning on studying law enforcement at a college in the GTA. When contacted by the Star, the friend refused to comment.

The Star learned the officer’s identity from a police source Tuesday, as the Toronto police and the SIU continued to keep the name a secret.

via Officer in Sammy Yatim shooting identified as James Forcillo | Toronto Star.

Sammy Yatin Death certificate?

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death certificateShould be pretty easy to prove that I’m wrong about the Sammy Yatin Streetcar Hoax. Just show me a certified copy of the death certificate and I’ll admit I went too far on this one. Of course, if someone issues a false document in Canada, there are criminal code consequences

Identity documents

56.1 (1) Every person commits an offence who, without lawful excuse, procures to be made, possesses, transfers, sells or offers for sale an identity document that relates or purports to relate, in whole or in part, to another person.

via Criminal Code.

I believe that these psyOps are performed within the confines of the law. Apparently that’s pretty easy, since lying via the media is legal. Some components, if forged for reality, are illegal, and therefore avoided. Sandy Hoax is apparently stalled on the releasing of death certificates of the simchildren. They are even going as far as passing a law in Connecticut to allow the avoidance of breaking the law of forgery of death certificates just for this case.by not requiring the release of these certificates.


Will that happen in Toronto? Can we have any citizen of this country interested please contact serviceOntario for a copy of this man’s death certificate so we can stop our fakeologist investigation?


More streetcar fakery

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Sammy Yatim  Officer in streetcar shooting suspended   Toronto Star

More magic numbers…more fakery… they usually name subject officers in SIU investigations. Perhaps they’re behind in creating the SIMofficer.

The SIU has assigned six investigators and two forensic investigators to investigate the incident.

At this time there is one subject officer and 22 witness officers who have been designated.


Streetcar money element

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Two main features of psyOps: fear, and money. Not necessarily in that order.

The fatal shooting of teenager Sammy Yatim by police on a streetcar near downtown Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park on the weekend has triggered outrage. The incident, captured on amateur video and posted online, has raised the issue of whether police should be recording their own video.

Streetcar shooting: Will body-worn cameras help police and the public? – News – MSN CA.

h/t Johnny C.

Streetcar named fakery

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This story has all the earmarks of being a psyOp, a staged hoax.

It’s full of memes, demonizing Muslims, Syria, immigrants. It comes complete with “spontaneous” memorials, a rally, and a father’s freshly created facebook page. It reads better than most university graduates’ diction level and is full of slogans and causes. An unlikely profile for a hard working immigrant for sure. Even the “rally” already has pre-printed, high quality, anti-police signs. Hardly something grassroots, more like astro-turfed.

The devastated father of an 18-year-old shot dead by Toronto police on a streetcar is searching for answers in the death of his son, who he called an “average kid.”

via Sammy Yatim: Family of dead teen stunned and baffled by police shooting | Toronto 1  Syed Hussan