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Canadian trial hoaxes need work

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There’s almost no doubt in my mind that this anti-Kijiji/Craigslist media event is a hoax. Instead of having an OJ-like fake trial, we’ll simply delay it indefinitely into the future until no-one cares/remembers. Whatever happened to the concept of justice delayed is justice denied? Doesn’t apply to sims, apparently. How about a public trial? The rules seem very vague, but when it comes to a sim, it doesn’t really matter.

The trial for Tim Bosma’s accused killers has been delayed until next year.It was originally scheduled to begin Sept. 28 but a new start date was set Monday during an extraordinary and unexplained closed-door proceeding. The public — including Bosma’s father, Hank Bosma, and members of the media — was ordered out of the courtroom by Justice Stephen Glithero for the three-hour hearing.

via Bosma trial delayed to early 2016 | Toronto Star.

Dellen Millard farm and magic numbers

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What with almost every number being occultic I have pretty much no doubt it’s fake. As far as the Bosma story goes, I wonder what the purpose of this fairly weak and uninteresting psyOp is.

Advice to American psyOp story writers: please convert to metric. We are a metric country. You can even make the numbers occultic!

Police officers, including members of the Ontario Provincial Police haz-mat team, are continuing their work at the Waterloo Region farm of Dellen Millard, who is accused in the killing of Tim Bosma.

“There are approximately 54 containers or metal drums in the barn,” said OPP Sgt. Meshach Parsons of the urban search and rescue, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive response team (UCRT).“We don’t know what chemicals are in these drums, or what’s in the drums for that matter, if there’s evidence in there or just chemicals.”

The UCRT team specializes in presumptive testing of hazardous materials, according to OPP Const. Marc Walsh.

Eleven UCRT officers and a UCRT medic are at the farm, as well as three Toronto Police Service forensics officers and about six members of the North Dumfries Fire Department.

Parsons said that the fire department was there to provide support in case chemicals were spilled on OPP officers.

Some barrels were as large as 45 gallons, others smaller than five gallons, according to Parsons.

Empty barrels will be brought out of the barn, and samples will be taken from full barrels.

Parsons confirmed the UCRT unit was called Thursday to go to the farm, and the team is hoping to wrap up its work Friday.

One officer (name?) at the farm told CBC News that some of the barrels had labels saying they contained kerosene and airplane fuel.

The officers have brought three large white trucks and three smaller trucks with trailers attached to the them.

“I have no idea why they sent that team there or what they are looking for,” Millard’s lawyer, Deepak Paradkar, wrote to CBC News in an email.

It marks the fifth-straight day that police have been searching Millard’s farm in relation to the disappearance of Toronto woman Laura Babcock.

Babcock, 23, had a relationship with Millard, according to police. She was reported missing in June 2012.

Millard, 28, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 32-year-old Bosma, who lived in Ancaster, Ont., with his wife and small child. He was last seen leaving his home with two men who wanted to take a test drive in a truck he had advertised for sale online.

Mark Smich, 25, of Oakville, Ont., is also charged with first-degree murder in the case.


Bosma murder accused fakery

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This story does nothing to help convince me the Tim Bosma murder “series” is real. For instance, what is the name of the reporter? Why isn’t that a big part of the story? Why is everything a secret? Here’s the photo of the “accused”. Typical fakery, washed out, blurry, overexposed. Why are they in solitary confinement? It’s a perfect plan to make sure no-one in the jail system can know if they’re really there or not. Why mention that they are 85 kms (13 occult number) apart? What does that have to do with anything?

On a side note, I hear kijiji ads are way down due to the negative publicity of this story.

On the eve of their latest court appearance, accused killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich — sitting in jail cells 85 kilometres apart — both say they want to tell their side of the story. But can’t.

In exclusive jailhouse interviews with the Hamilton Spectator this week — a visit Millard described as “precious” — both men accused of murdering Ancaster man Tim Bosma said they’ve been advised not to speak.

A reporter visited 28-year-old Millard at the Barton St. jail Tuesday evening, as Toronto Police continued to scour his North Dumfries farm — the spot where Bosma’s burned remains were recovered in May.

via Tim Bosma murder: Men accused of slaying say they want to tell their story, but can’t | Toronto Star.

Bosma hoax continues

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Not much to bite into hear, except to note that our suspect makes a “video” appearance (so much simpler than bringing in the actor and risk too much scrutiny). The other interesting common feature with simperps is they’re locked up in solitary for 23 1/2 hours a day, making it impossible for anyone to verify their existence.

Reminds me of another past superbad Canadian killer. I suppose I will eventually have to review the Bernardo case for psyop anomalies.

 A wealthy aviation heir and a young amateur rapper both charged with murdering an Ancaster family man made a brief appearance via video in a Hamilton courtroom Thursday.


Another layer of the onion

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I’m not wasting much more time on this sim story. The point I want to make with this post is that in most of the bigger psyOp hoaxes, smaller, less developed stories are often heaped upon us with even less detail. Below is another very poorly created (deliberately) photo of, in my guess, a simvictim. Two differently colored backgrounds, fuzzy, all designed to obscure detail anomalies created by photoshop.

The purpose of these smaller stories is to simply confirm the first lie. By citing the first hoax with the second hoax, one just assumes that the first one is true, with the second one getting the scrutiny. It’s a simple trick of distraction.

bosma layer



Laura Babcock contacted Dellen Millard before she disappeared: reports | Canada | News | National Post.

Shillery update

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Listener Banazir gives a shill update on one of the more developed sims from the Bosma Hoax. He apparently posted a few comments on the facebook page listed below and soon they were cleaned off. All this was generated from one of my past youtube videos.


Rick Petherick Facebook.ban2ban1

I encourage all followers to create screenshots in this fast changing digital world if they want to begin to be believed. Although you could fake a screenshot, it does take a great deal more work.

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Tim Bosma Smich (Snitch?) story

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globe on bosmaPolice to charge second man with murder in Tim Bosma case – The Globe and Mail.

I doubt this story has many legs left, since the main impression of shock and awe has been achieved. The followup will be years in the making, with laws passed probably long before any of the sims go to trial.

Take the Luc Magnotta case as an example. While I haven’t looked into it is a fakery case (although it sure fits the profile), it has been put off well into the future. What’s the holdup? This is a simple way for the public’s 24 hour memory to fade and ultimately ignore the case. The whittling of the public’s subconscious has been accomplished.


Another sim is captured!smich


Psychic driving at a local level

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jung-collective-unconsciousThis is what I mean by a newspaper industry in decline. As I grabbed my unsolicited free paper off my porch, this is the degree of fear inducement I encountered:

Since mid-April, I’ve experienced a roller-coaster ride of emotions covering the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, the miracle in Cleveland, which saw three kidnapping victims set free, and the week-long search for Tim Bosma, which ended with the discovery of the Ancaster man’s burned remains near Cambridge.

via Feeling unsafe in Niagara Falls | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

This columnist is most likely just a willing dupe, but even if he was aware of media fakery and our research, would he be able to publish it?

His editor doesn’t help with this headline:

Feeling unsafe in Niagara Falls

Reading the column leaves one with the impression that Niagara Falls, Ontario is like any other college town after dark – full of many young people who drink to excess and roam. That’s apparently what younger (men) have always done. That’s also how NF has always been as long as I’ve gone there. It does not lay out any evidence that it is in fact dangerous. Somebody following you? There’s thousands of people following at close quarters and one could get the impression someone was following them. It may even be true!

To equate Niagara Falls or mention it in even a slight way with three (!) ridiculous fear inducing psyops is silly. Remember though that this is how these “events” are pounded into your subconscious, one trivial column at a time.

(image h/t Jan Erik)

English: Niagara Falls, NY skyline from Ontario

English: Niagara Falls, NY skyline from Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Bosma word games

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A reader pointed out another piece of the psyOp puzzle. Hard to believe, if true, they overthink these games and add these little east eggs.

Anagrams for: timothy bosma

7727 found. Displaying first 1000:

I am B.S. myth too
Tam Tomboyish
Mat Tomboyish
A Tomboy Smith
A Mobs Timothy
Bah Misty Moot
Sahib Motto My
Habits Mom Toy
Habits Moot My
Habit Mom Toys
Habit Moms Toy
Habit Moots My
Bathos Omit My
Baht Misty Moo
Bath Misty Moo
Iamb Moths Toy
Iamb Moth Toys
Iamb Homy Tost

via Internet Anagram Server : Anagrams for: timothy bosma.

The other sim in this story, Dellen Millard, doesn’t appear to have any good ones. Check for yourself.


Lad Mend El Rill
Lad Den Elm Rill
Lad End Elm Rill
Lad Nerd El Mill
Lad Nerd Ell Mil
Lad Nerd Elm Ill
Lad Rend El Mill
Lad Rend Ell Mil
Lad Rend Elm Ill


FAK041-Timothy Bosma et al

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Showtime Sat. May 18, 2013 9:33pm EDT

We review the week’s blog posts and take your calls. With guests Banazir and Jan Erik, and Ed fro Cali.