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TTC streetcar shooting hoax – the trial

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We’re having what I think is a simulated trial into a police shooting from a couple of years back. This well known police reporter is doing her best to pretend she’s not in on it – by reporting bizarre simulation events in this simulated trial. It’s a confusing use of language to obscure the fact that the whole event IS a simulation, including the vicsim. The police officer is an actor (even if he really was a cop at any point).

Deception is complicated, and for most people, not worth the contemplation time.

The Death of Sammy Yatim: A Reenactment.The role of Yatim will be played today by Const. James Forcillo.You read that correctly. The officer charged with second-degree murder in the teenager’s shooting death aboard a Toronto streetcar in 2013 — a fusillade of nine bullets discharged, eight of them striking the knife-wielding 18-year-old — both impersonated the victim (suspect) and provided narration for the lethal encounter from his own perspective as triggerman.

In more than three decades of covering courts, I’ve never seen such a thing.

On the simulation, Forcillo states: “I’ve just given him a warning not to come any further forward. I’m watching him take these deep breaths, and I’m watching his face get angry, his jaw clenched and his eyes go wide… This was when he made the decision to actually go forward. I yelled to him: ‘Don’t move!’ It’s my last-ditch desperation attempt.”

Source: Bizarre courtroom video has Forcillo playing himself — and Sammy Yatim: DiManno | Toronto Star

Taser push back

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Looks like the Sammy Yatim PsyOp authors will have to work harder to convince Torontonians that their cops need tasers.

A plan to arm Toronto’s front-line police officers with Tasers was met with stiff opposition at a public consultation Tuesday night at City Hall.
Roughly 80 residents and activists crowded into the council chamber for the meeting, which was called by the Toronto Police Services Board’s mental health subcommittee in response to a recent provincial decree that frontline officers, not just supervisors, should be permitted to carry stun guns.
Almost to a person, participants advised the board to reject the expanded use of the devices, which are also known as conducted energy weapons (CEWs), and focus instead on better training and de-escalation techniques.


Money element of Streetcar hoax

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Sorry to bore international users, but more on the Toronto Streetcar Sammy Yatin hoax. Here’s the “spend more tax money” aspect and add overpriced “dash cams” to our already overburdened (clothing wise) police forcillo. The psychic driving element of surveillance=security is so Orwellian and sad.

Services using the cameras say the devices give added protection for police and the public, reduce frivolous complaints and keep officers on their best behaviour.

But the need for body cams runs deeper in Toronto, where public trust in police is badly broken.

via Body cams would make things easier on our police officers | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

Toronto Streetcar Hoax Youtube seminar

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I go through the posts at fakeologist.com with Johnny C. It took much longer then I thought, but there’s so much to wade through.

Once more thanks to Johnny for putting in the time. This is a big job that many people need to contribute to in order to understand it.

Toronto Streetcar Hoax

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I want to introduce Johnny C, who was on my past broadcast. A new listener and someone new to fakery, Johnny has taken to fakeology research very quickly and single quickly learned how to post and upload marked-up links (although it took some time on both our ends getting the software to work).

I myself am slowly working through his thread. He’s digging much deeper than I would even bother into this story. Although I am troubled that this is happening in my city, I am quite convinced that we are dealing with a contracted-out psyOp.

Please look at the thread below in our forums. Good work Johnny!

Topic: More on Streetcar Named Fakery | Ab Irato.