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Another driving down the sidewalk psyop

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Update 6/8/21: Canucklaw sees the psyop signs. More than a Agenda 21 event, it’s clearly been promoted as an anti-hate rallying point, complete with vigils fully attended by all the politicians. As usual, there are no details whatsoever, no visual evidence, just a loose storyline where you fill out the details (which always end up to be much worse than any real world details).

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Years since the phony Toronto van attack, we have another one in a city west of Toronto.

Problem: Get people out of their cars, riding bikes, embracing SDGs, all towards an Agenda 2030, live in a tiny box future.

Solution: Stage events to narrow roads, install bike lanes – create a European lifestyle in a mostly cold, wide open, pickup-truck loving area of vast Canada.

A man remains in custody after three adults and one teenager died and a child was sent to hospital following a hit and run late Sunday in the northwest end of London, Ont., police say.A 20-year-old male driver from London was arrested at Oxford Street West and Cherryhill Boulevard, near Cherryhill Mall.He’s expected to make a court appearance Monday afternoon, Const. Sandasha Bough of the London Police Services told a media briefing outside the scene.There’s no word on whether charges will be laid.

Source: Driver charged with murder, attempted murder after Muslim family of 5 targeted in hit and run, police say | CBC News

Expect to see more of this type of development in this  newly developing area.

It’s sad that Agenda 2030 has to be brought in and implemented using psyops, lies, and deceptions. If it was so good, people would embrace it.

Clearly the people don’t want it. The elites do, and they’re getting more brazen in their disregard for what the people want.