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KHA36-John Le Bon

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Date: May 21, 2015

Guest: John leBon from the Australian Roundtable


John leBon and Kay talked about:

The Australian government is in a big push to get every single Australian fully vaccinated.  The propaganda is on overload. As well, Australian laws have been passed to lock up people suspected of having an infectious disease.

Cancer is also a big money maker, and a cure was promised in 1980.  So where is it?  We suggest that we will never find a cure as too many different organizations are suckling form the cancer money tit.

We get to hear about the Sydney Siege hoax from a real Australian. How much of what we see of the Sydney Siege through videos and pictures were real?  Could the videos we viewed have been CGI meaning the videos were made ahead by a few programmers using a video editing software in anticipation of the hoax?

What type of government do we all really have?  It has been clearly shown that our elected official are not really the ones in charge.  Is America Democratic, fascist, state-ist or communist?



  • Thank you to Delcroix for producing  K Ham Radio, episode 36