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Simon’s WTC actual destruction theory

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I always want to know how a magic act is pulled off (some people really don’t). This explanation certainly works for me.



I will hereby submit my best take as to how the WTC demolitions in Lower Manhattan were achieved – without awakening undue suspicions among that early morning’s bystanders / eyewitnesses (no wonder the whole thing was staged in the early morning hours – so as to minimize the amount of onlookers). However hypothetical my reasoning may seem, I trust that readers will appreciate the logical processes which I have applied in order to formulate this tentative, ‘final reckoning’ of how the magic trick / sleight of hand of 9/11 was concocted – and how the Twin Towers were demolished in bright daylight without any onlooking New Yorkers being able to understand what exactly they saw – and much less PROVE that what they saw was different from what was aired on TV.

Here’s a brief summary of my conclusions – in three short paragraphs :

1: – A military-grade smokescreen was raised before the supposed 9:59 collapse of WTC2. The possibility that any odd bystanders (in what by then was a fully evacuated area) would have noticed / or captured on film any smoke billowing from the ground up BEFORE 9:59AM – was extremely slim. However, this slim possibility was anticipated by the 9/11 planners, with their Willy “BOOM” Rodriguez actor and his tales of “basement explosions prior to the plane crashes”. Thus, any ground-level smoke witnessed BEFORE 9:59AM would have had the plausible-deniability-alibi of these mysterious, pre-collapse “basement explosions”.

2: – On Live TV, these “basement explosions” were in fact reported on the FOX channel – within 40 seconds of the (purported) WTC2 collapse at 9:59AM. It is clear, therefore, that these ‘WTC basement explosions’ were MEANT (according to the 9/11 psyop script) to have occurred way before the first, WTC2 collapse. Again, this was likely meant to provide the alibi for any smoke seen around the towers – or even recorded on film by onlookers – BEFORE their collapse (any lucky filmmakers wishing to expose the scam would then have to PROVE that their camera’s time-stamp clock was set at the correct time…)

3: – Once the smokescreen was deemed dense enough – and enveloped the entire WTC complex – the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers were “go”. When exactly this took place is nothing that we can ever know – yet anytime between 9:59 and 10:28 is a good guess. (please note that 29 minutes [2+9=11] separate the two alleged WTC collapse timelines – just another joke). The two towers were likely ‘pulled’ simultaneously.

Let me now back up this brief summary – with what was aired on TV. I hope you will stay with me throughout this reasoning process.


The way the first WTC2 collapse was (NOT) shown on CNN is a quite hilarious / pathetic thing to watch again today – and an extremely revealing sequence/timeline of purported “historical Live TV images”. Firstly, just pay attention at the words uttered by CNN’s Aaron Brown (apparently standing on the CNN building’s rooftop – with a SPECTACULAR view of the Towers) – starting at about at 29:20 of this CNN archive clip:



So, in fact, the actual WTC2 collapse was NOT shown “live” on CNN (their TV feed at the time being busy ‘covering’ the Pentagon event)- and Aaron Brown, appears to be totally clueless as to what is (supposed to be) going on at the WTC. We just see the WTC area completely enveloped in smoke (as it probably was IN REALITY – yet not as a result of the WTC2 collapse – but more likely due to a military-grade smokescreen being raised ).

At 32:20(a full 3 minutes later), Aaron still talks about ‘another possible explosion’ and that “we are getting reports that parts of the 2nd tower appears to have collapsed, we are checking on that…” NO ONE has yet informed Aaron that the WTC2 has fully collapsed… Amazing, huh? The thing is, if only Aaron had been watching NBC or FOX, he would have seen the WTC2 collapsing ‘in real time’. Yet there he is, still wondering what happened – for three minutes and more – and MORE THAN 5 MINUTES will pass before his CNN colleagues in the studio finally run a replay of the actual (CGI animation of the) WTC2 collapse imagery! Why on Earth would the CNN producer WAIT for over 5 long minutes to air the WTC2 collapse – which their cameraman had supposedly captured?

At 34:40 (more than 5 full minutes after WTC2 supposedly collapsed) Aaron FINALLY announces: “We can show you NOW, what happened just a few minutes ago at the World Trade center…” – and CNN viewers are FINALLY treated with this most momentous, ‘world-defining news imagery’. Yet, their main anchorman was supposedly standing on the CNN building’s rooftop, with a direct, birds-eye view of the WTC! Oh well, so we’re asked to believe that he was turning his back on the spectacular (greenscreen) view- and unfortunately just missed witnessing the collapse itself at 9:59AM… Yeah, rrright.


So much for CNN reporting the WTC2 collapse ‘live’. Now, was the WTC2 collapse aired on other networks, purportedly just as it happened at 9:59AM ?
Yes, believe it or not, but it was shown on NBC – in THIS way (check out the NBC archives if you think that I’m kidding you):

(If you cannot see how fake this imagery is – now in 2013 – there is no way I can help you. Keep buying it – if you so wish.)

And on FOX TV, the WTC2 collapse was also shown (in one half of a split-screen shot) – yet NO ONE in the TV studio seemed to notice. Instead, the imagery quickly switched to some dramatic (gory, yellow-green) imagery of the WTC area enveloped in smoke (initially ‘mistaken’ by FOX anchor Jim Ryan to be images from the Pentagon):

“FOX FLOP” (link to exact “WTC2 collapse” timeline) : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls0CRX… … page#t=444


Here we have FOX’s Dave Price reporting about some “basement explosions in the WTC” – only 40 seconds after its collapse – as seen on TV. So wait a minute: are we to believe that Dave Price was informed (by whom?) about these “basement explosions” within 40 seconds – while Aaron Brown of CNN remained uninformed for over 5 minutes about the collapse of the entire WTC2 building? The “basement explosions” were obviously part of the original 9/11 psyop scrip – so as to ‘justify’ why smoke emerged around the WTC area BEFORE they collapsed.

it is all up to reader to draw his/her conclusions, but I believe this all goes to support my (quite simple) smokescreen thesis, which goes like this:

A: The entire WTC complex was engulfed in military-grade smoke obscurants BEFORE they were demolished – with conventional explosives. No one saw them collapsing – and no imagery or footage exists of their demise – since no conventional cameras can film through thick smoke.

B: What we were shown on TV was a prefabricated movie which, in fact, was rather smartly made – since it showed Lower Manhattan enveloped in an enormous, lingering cloud of smoke for most of that fateful morning. However, we know that NO controlled demolition produces as much smoke as seen on TV on 9/11. Please watch ANY videos of building demolitions and realize that the dust of any large building being demolished settles in the matter of minutes. That enormous amount of smoke on 9/11 enveloping Manhattan for hours was produced by military-grade smoke machines – and the prefabricated TV images were made to simulate this predictable scenery.

To sum it up: the WTC was demolished behind a smokescreen which was raised sometime before the alleged 9:59AM collapse of WTC2.