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WTC towers magic act

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The always clear headed Hoi Polloi on how the WTC twin towers may have been removed from view.

How very clear it is that fear of collapse was actually a slight of hand used to abandon the area prematurely. Since we know the timing of the TV show could have been anything, and we know people go where they are told to go by authorities but certainly go where they are told to go by authorities during times of danger, smoke screens were probably dropped on the scene as plentifully and as quickly as possible. When people on the street were told the towers were “collapsing”, this was the demolition preparation to make sure nobody would be caught in the collapse and people would be well away from the center. The peninsula was cleared and this is when they ran the lengthy stories about sending in fire engines, rescues, etc. etc. but I am sure as early as the first smoke screen they had already used fire department and military style heat detectors to pick up, identify and evacuate all signs of life in the area well in advance of the collapse.

Anyway, it goes without saying that they did their best to reduce the amount of deaths to the minimal but I think it is fairly certain the ultimate death toll could simply be zero given the possibility for it to be done under the correct circumstances.

What I am trying to say is that this show above all has made clear to me that it was shortly before the real collapses that they claimed the towers were collapsing. Why? Because it is the most logical way to use human animal behavior and the fear of death in a crowd to ensure everyone is far away from the collapse when it happens.

I think smoke screens went up immediately after the first pop, but smoke was also used to obscure the towers and simulate their early collapse from distant views, such as from New Jersey, and strategic crowds of onlookers were also placed at the best viewing locations to give false testimony to those who would venture from their TV sets and try to look to the physical channel rather than the broadcast channel.

Probably shortly after the moment we switched to “Pentagon attack” news, the towers were safely demolished and everyone was by this time glued to their televisions, because the attack had been widened beyond their visual scope. In other words, by drawing viewers from a local perspective to a super-local perspective, most people will default to our common simulation of the super-local, which is the immediacy of news. Hence, the “Pentagon attack” was the perfect time to perform the real demolitions in New York. When they switched back to the so-called second collapse soap opera, the towers were already gone, the area already evacuated, and the rest of the movie could be played in ease.

There were many ways to accomplish this magic act, but after what was said on this show sunk in last night, I think this is how they may have done it.

via Cluesforum.info.