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Is this why they dragged out Michael J Fox at Glastonbury?

Biden signed into law the “Dr. Emmanuel Bilirakis and Honorable Jennifer Wexton National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act.” The legislation, which was championed by Congresswoman Wexton and named in her honor, is the most significant action Congress has taken in decades to combat Parkinson’s and related neurodegenerative diseases like Wexton’s Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP).

Rusting Iron Mike

We can never verify it, but here’s a story about the “legendary” boxer.

Mike Tyson said he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, but the legendary boxer sounded compelled to share something about his decision to get the shot. “I didn’t do it willingly,” Tyson told USA TODAY Sports during an interview at his cannabis company. “I’m a little apprehensive of that. I was pretty much beaten into submission to do this because I travel internationally. And if I don’t travel, we don’t eat.

Source: Fully Vaccinated Mike Tyson, says he was beaten into submission taking covid vaccine says he’s about to die now in wheelchair – Prepare For Change

The Helen Keller hoax

I comprehend the reasons for creating a narrative device to give seriously disabled people hope, but the Helen Keller was beyond incredible.

Her case is a classic Medical Celebrity Program MCP, like Michael J. Fox.

Apparently most people thought her story was a hoax back in her time.

Flying planes? Differentiating languages due to her worldly travels? Puhleeeese.

Throughout her life, Helen Keller (1880-1968) was accused of being a fraud. Her list of accomplishments and success in becoming educated was impossible, skeptics often claim, because she could neither see nor hear.

Don’t be an ableist.

This is called “ableism.” Ableism is the discrimination of and social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior. At its heart, ableism defines people by their disability.

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Meet Ramsay Hunt

Why I’m 99% certain that Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine

From the #neverthevaccine injury files, we have Justin Bieber explaining his latest problems.

Even though I am certain that the vaccine causes death and destruction, I think when celebrities are promoting the mystery around illnesses they are managed cases to control the narrative. It’s a complicated psychological operation and difficult to explain but I think it warrants investigation.

We are also told wife has blood clots.

Now’s a good time to remind people of the great research of Dr Andrew Moulden who said that all vaccines cause endvascular ischemia which causes major organ failure and all kinds of other ancillary paralysis.

Some people think The Weekend is JB.

MrE on Mrs Beiber

Chris Sky seems to confuse the issue on why they would fake it.

Faked Reeve accident and abortion industry

I have shied away from this one for years, since it is admittedly a touchy subject. I didn’t want to publish anything until I no longer had a reasonable doubt it was faked, and for a long time I didn’t look closely at the event because I didn’t want to discover the truth. But given what we now know, it is worth returning to. We now know these old families are corrupt beyond all imagining, and that absolutely nothing is beneath them. They lie all the time about everything, including things far more
important than this. The last two years have been a wake-up call in that regard, or should have been.
Not to put too fine a point on it, our default assumption should now be that any event heavily promoted by these people is fake. Our trust in them should be zero.

Click to access reeve2.pdf

Four to six weeks

Foo Fighter’s drummer Taylor “died” recently, but there’s no chance a cause of death could have been determined in TV episode time – especially in a Second/Third world country like Columbia – if he died at all.

“Four to six weeks is pretty standard,” Magnani says of the time line for forensic toxicology testing. Besides the time needed for painstaking analysis and confirmation, she says, there could be a backlog of tests that need to be done at a particular laboratory. “Each one should be handled thoroughly, whether they are a celebrity or not,” she says.

Source: Toxicology Tests: What They Are and Why They Take So Long


Ever a comedian

Looks like she trained to fall after accepting the injections and cussing Jesus.

Heather McDonald has shared the scary footage from the moment she collapsed on stage and fractured her skull.

Is it just me or are most females (mtf?) not funny?

H/t Mike in the Night

Alex Trebeck, cancer business shill

If Alex is really sick, God bless him. If he isn’t, then God bless him twice for his deceiving ways. Either way, I am placing him in the medical celebrity program, with other recovery miracles Michael J Fox and Magic Johnson.

Interesting 9/11 code in this donation.

Holzhauer donated $1,109.14, which represents the birthday of his daughter Natasha, who made the card for Trebek.

On the donation website, Holzhauer wrote: “For Alex Trebek and all the other survivors.”

If you’re ever looking for a reason, look no further than publicity and money.