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Did you know?

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Did you know that family doctors and Pediatricians get only a few weeks of training in med school on virology, epidemiology and very little microbiology, unless specialising?

Did you know that most of their knowledge comes from big Pharma sales reps who have zero training or schooling in these fields themselves?

Did you know that they don’t know how to read and interpret the literature they were taught in these fields, or how to read and understand the methodology section in a virology study or paper?

Did you know that they are too busy to bother to read more than the abstract and the rest of the paper and methodology section, because they trust it must be correct?

Did you know that the founders and scientific pioneers of the pseudosciences of virology and epidemiology for the last several hundred years have all been debunked and that’s why it is still called Germ “theory” and not “fact” to this day?

Did you know that a multi-trillion dollar a year cartel that ended up morphing into Blackrock and Vanguard grew out of this petroleum based allopathic medicine scheme and not other means of political, food or even energy resource based income…and was able to use this fortune to buy up the mainstream media outlets and most all of the world’s governments to push propaganda that suits their trillion dollar empire and not your health?

Did you know they only profit from sick people taking their suppressants without offering cures and that no population in history since they took over power has ever been as collectively chronically sick as the one today?

Did you know that when the menstrual periods of women living together sync up, or the leaves start changing colour and falling off in the fall, or bears hibernate in Alaska first, then Canada, then the US, that it looks contagious but is not?

Did you know that there have been over three dozen advanced contagion experiments over the last 100 years, some of them running for nearly 4 decades, including close contact, injection of blood, swallowing of fluids, spraying up the nose and in the eyes…and not a single person or animal has ever been made sick from contact with blood or fluids from a sick person?

Did you know that most GP’s see a dozen or more people a day, 5-6 days a week every “flu season” and never get sick themselves, despite not taking any flu shots or wearing masks and hazmat suits?

Did you know there are conjoined twins who share the same circulatory system and torso and one of them would get colds, flues, chicken pox, measles, etc while the other would not, despite being connected and sharing the same blood stream and being less than a foot apart from each other constantly?

Did you know that there were 4 doctors, Waite, Frazier, Powell and Pettenkofer, who ate, drank, injected, sprayed up their noses, into their eyes and all of their assistants, isolated so-called pathogenic bacteria, without the poisons and rotting food or flesh they are found in, including Anthrax, Pfieffer’s Bacillus, Bubonic Plague, Cholera and Tuberculosis and not a single one of them ever got so much as a sniffle?

Did you know that Arsenic poisoning from the fur trade, wood staining and food containers was the real cause of so many pox epidemics and sailor diseases?

Did you know that every disease claimed to be eradicated by vaccines still exists today but under several different names, despite having identical symptoms?

Did you know that no virologist in the history of the world has ever found, isolated, chemically analysed or characterised an alleged virus particle from any living human, plant or animal?

Did you know they can only make those particles in test tubes and petri-dishes by putting snot on unstable, uneven chromosome tissue like from green monkeys or human cancer cells…then starving them, poisoning them with tissue dissolving antibiotics and adding enzymes that break down those tissues into millions of pieces…then destroying them further with 10 other procedures until they look like a circle with spikes coming out of them under an electron microscope…and then call that picture a “virus”?

Did you know Dr Stefan Lanka did the exact same thing to healthy, stable other tissue lines and also got them to break down into the exact same looking particles, without any chance of an alleged virus even being in the tissue?

Did you know that even when they inject animals with that toxic shit brew from their test tubes and petri dishes they claim have virus particles in them, that they can’t make the animals severely sick with the same symptoms that virus is alleged to cause, or even kill them..unless they inject too much of it right into their brains or lungs…even though injecting that much water would do the same?

Did you know that there isn’t a “virus genome” in the database that wasn’t created by taking someone’s snot at least, plus these unstable tissue samples in a test tube or culture…breaking it down into 56 million pieces and telling the computer to try it’s best to re-assemble them into a genome that was never in that person’s snot to begin with…and call that a virus?

Did you know they can now do that with a healthy person’s snot without putting it on unstable tissue lines in a test tube or petri dish, break it down into 56 million pieces and have the computer turn it into any virus or anything else they want the computer to assemble it into that matches something in their database…even a banana?

Did you know that your snot or lung sputum sample has genetic material from your lungs, your other tissue, bacteria and microbes living in your lungs, plant pollen you inhaled, tiny bugs you inhaled, food that went down the wrong pipe, other genetic material in the air you breathe…and that they can chop ALL of that up into 56 million pieces and assemble any part of any of those different things together and claim that thing they created was in your lungs in the first place, even though it’s just a Frankenstein assembly and was never there?

Did you know all DNA is just alleged sequences of ACGT or RNA, ACGU nucleotides? So your lung cells, body tissue, bacteria in them, plant pollen, bugs, food swallowed etc are all made up of sequences of the same 4 things…so once you grind them up into 56 million pieces, shuffle them together like a huge deck of cards and re-assemble those pieces through a computer…it has no way of knowing which sequences came from which different source?

Did you know that if you took a PCR test and positive told you that you had a “virus”, that there is zero possible way it could know that?

PCR can only detect a few sequences of 20 ACGT or ACGU nucleotides in a row. Yet they claim a virus has a unique sequence of 30,000 or so nucleotides in a row…and they know that because they built that virus sequence in a computer out of common genetic material found in everyone’s boogers…even yours.

They are testing your boogers for stuff found in the boogers of anyone who is detoxing dead normal human tissue and foreign debris and has bacteria there helping to break it all down and transmute it to other useable molecules or get rid of it.

That’s why sometimes healthy people test negative…because they have less breakdown material there…but also why they test positive despite being totally healthy…because they have breakdown material of those common 20 nucleotide sequences the tests are looking for but not enough where the process of eliminating that debris is causing any noticeable symptoms of removal, like fever, sweating, cough, diarrhea, etc.

Did you know that you don’t have an immune system because other than poisons and toxic foreign proteins injected into you that can cause Anaphylactic shock… there is nothing to be “immune” from?

Did you know that taking toxic pharmaceutical medicine suppressants to heal illness is as stupid and pointless as washing your clothes in dirty water to clean them?

Did you know that taking those suppressants and stopping your body from detoxing those toxins out is the reason the flu can be deadly for some people? The flu is your body healing, it can’t kill you. The medicine stopping the flu detox is what kills you.

Leaves falling off the trees in winter is what keeps those trees alive all winter, when they don’t have the soil, sunlight and nutrients to sustain the leaves and fruits without starving the whole tree…only the core of the tree.

Did you know that the protein glues our body makes called Globulins or “glue”bulins or “antibodies” are not specific to bind to anything, but either bind to all sorts of things or nothing at all, depending on the chemical constitution of their environment?

Did you know that if I kicked you in the stomach you would make so-called antibody proteins to come and repair the stomach tissue, despite my foot not putting a virus into your gut?

Did you ever ask yourself why your ignorant doctor tells you to take an antibody test to detect if you have a virus and are sick…yet tells you if you have specific antibodies for that virus it should mean you are immune already and couldn’t possibly get sick from that virus?

Did you ever ask your doctor to clarify that glaring contradiction to you?

If I told you that you had to lock yourself in your house because the mainstream media said Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were on a world wide killing spree, would you do it?

What if I told you I could give you a shot that wouldn’t stop them from attacking you, but would make their attacks less deadly? Would you take it?

Well I’m sorry, Viruses and contagion are not only unproven “theory”, they are disproven pseudoscience bunk. Some of you went along with it last time out of ignorance and fear.

Some of you will go along with it again this time. If this thread is too long for you to read, there’s no way in hell you’ll learn to read a virology paper and make it though to the methodology section at the end.

For those willing to ask yourself why I’m bothering to tell you all of this and think this makes sense, I’m happy to send you to the places to double-check what I’m saying…so long as you’re willing to help share this information to others.


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Rachel Wilson on the occultic roots of feminism

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Feminism is fake – ie. culture created to destroy the first government, the family.

As a social conservative, never have I heard a better analysis of the w5 of feminism and the social disorder we have engineered into.

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Katherine Watt-Public health emergencies are camouflaged power grabs.

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You need to watch this to get a clue on how they setup the covaids DOD vaccine attack.

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Who will pay for the great reset?

Be the 1st to vote.…

All that debt has to be paid for in all the Western Nations where money was printed with abandon.

The whole goal was to hollow out the middle class and make them dependent on their governments.

How will their private property be stolen? Simple – by forfeiture.

Massive property taxes will be the lever get people out. It’s starting in France.

Remember this all started with a fake virus.

an increase of 59% in Paris, more than 31% in Grenoble… See the increase in the 191 largest cities in France

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