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Since satellites are a hoax then how does the simulation work?

Antenna parks and more powerful home antennas. Plain old radio waves.

Years ago, uploading was the issue. I think in Toronto needed a wire to do uploading on a limited basis. Has Starstink solved this or at least improved upon it?

I believe it’s worthwhile to initiate a separate discussion on Starlink.

Let’s move past the notion that satellites are fake, as there’s already an extensive thread dedicated to that topic
Assuming that premise, let’s explore the unfolding Starlink saga; the fake network of 5000 satellites.

We observe “Starlink gateways” rapidly appearing across the Western world.
These gateways consist of powerful antennas. SpaceX / American intelligence are swiftly constructing antenna stations throughout the Western influence sphere.… … locations/

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Alright, folks – so just for fun let me ask everyone how they think that the Empire State Building was ‘brought down’ in 1996:

1: Was it military-grade thermite?

2: Was it “Mini nukes”?

3: Was it “DEW” weapons?

4: Was it special movie effects?

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No, it’s more of the same

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Am I the only one who thinks the Sep 11 Libya flood aftermath (and the earlier Morroco earthquake aftermath) is another psyop by the numbers, if not to serve as a distraction to the Sep 11 anniversary?

Control demolition and strategic relocation.

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9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack

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Old article appeared before I discovered the myth.

Simon Shack is emphatic: “nobody died on September eleventh.” I am talking to him in Rome, via Skype. He has recently asked me if I believe that the moon landing was real, laughing derisively…

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Tim Truth discusses Simon Shack and 9/11

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The Secret’s Out! 9/11 Behind The Curtain: CGI Airplanes & Blown Up Buildings (Live Call In Show) ?? 2023-09-09 • ? 05:37:05 • ? 1.3 GB Podcast: Tim Truth on Odysee Author: Tim Truth Web player:… Episode:…

Interesting caller named Jay Bingham calls in around 3 hours and says he was the supply coordinator at the world trade center during the day of 9/11. Worth a listen.

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It was 22 years ago today

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Alright folks, so here we are again – commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the crass television hoax that ‘changed the world forever’.

What follows will be the shortest summary I’ve ever put together regarding the massive collective 9/11 research efforts performed and illustrated at this valiant forum. The thing is that, at this time, my main concern is to reach out to the younger generations which I believe – although I hope to be wrong about that – are becoming less inclined to spend time reading long articles about troublesome and politically-loaded affairs such as 9/11. Of course, anyone younger than 22 years of age never experienced the ‘trauma’ of watching the 9/11 saga (what with its colorful, cartoonish imagery) unfold on “live TV”. So, perhaps, their minds may be less conditioned and prone to clutch onto the purported reality of these ‘terror events’ as presented on TV. So without further ado, here’s a much condensed ‘digest’ of what the younger generations ought and need to know – for their own good – concerning the media-&-military-staged “show” known as “9/11”.

  • 1: Firstly, please know that no one died in any planecrashes on 9/11. None of the alleged hijacked flights have any official records of their airport logs or passenger manifests – much like ALL flights taking off from any airport of this world are obviously required to have. The alleged flights 11, 77, 93 and 175 were simply non-existent.
  • 2: Secondly, ALL of the original / historical tenants and office workers of the Twin Towers were evacuated (never to return) on February 26, 1993. That’s right, the towers were completely vacated following an alleged “islamic bomb” being detonated in the WTC underground garage / parking lot. In the following years – as documented in the book “Divided we Stand” by Eric Darton – that efforts deployed to repopulate the WTC towers office spaces had little success – since they were by then in a state of utter decay. Moreover, ‘virtual WTC office spaces” were being offered by the Alliance group to any small businesses around the USA for the prestige of having an address – however virtual- in the famous NY twin towers.
  1. Thirdly, a “9/11 Hollywood movie” was created (way in advance of September 11, 2001) that featured airplanes crashing into the towers – and the absurd / unphysical top-down collapses of the twin towers – using the same CGI techniques as the Hollywood blockbusters “Independence Day” (1996) and Armageddon (1998). This prefabricated 9/11 movie was simply cut into many small sections – and sold to the public as “live TV broadcasts of the day”. For some reason, the producers of this movie made a complete mess out of the alleged “Flight 77 Pentagon airplane crash” and the “Shanksville Flight 93 airplane crash” – both of which offered no visual evidence of any actual big Boeing passenger planes crashing at those sites!
  2. Fourthly – and most importantly – all they had to do to pull off the ‘magic trick’ was to raise a dense smokescreen around the WTC complex area so as to envelop the twin towers in an impenetrable cloud of smoke. This was likely done shortly before the conventional demolition explosives placed in the towers were set off. No one would have noticed – or been able to prove – that this smoke was obscuring the sight of the twin towers BEFORE their collapses.

Job done.

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FAK757-Simon Shack on 9/11

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9/11 WTC magic trick explained, again

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How the 9/11 magic trick was pulled off, re-written and updated by Simon Shack on Aug 1, 2023.

Only 6 weeks until 9/11!

As I wrote to you via e-mail, movies such as “Loose Change”, “In Plane Sight” (not to mention “Fahrenheit 9/11” by Michael Moore) were all designed to ‘fool the public twice’ and lead every prospective ‘9/11 truther’ down the wrong rabbit hole and into la-la-land. Most importantly, they served the purpose of reinforcing the bogus imagery aired on TV and to hammer into our minds & psyches the notion that what we saw was genuine live footage filmed on the day.

I thank you for inspiring me to finally write some sort of long-due, concise summary of my – and this forum’s – longstanding September Clues research.

Of course, the aforementioned movies never raised the slightest suspicion that the crucial ‘action shots’ (“plane impacts” and “tower collapses”) aired on TV might have been doctored and prefabricated in ‘Hollywood fashion’ – thus protecting the media corporations’ active and essential complicity with the Grand 9/11 TV Hoax. All that was needed to pull it off was to envelop the WTC complex in thick smoke – the oldest ‘field combat trick’ in the military psyop book. The smokescreen was raised early on in the morning (i.e. PRIOR to the controlled demolitions), a slightly ‘inconvenient’ fact which was subsequently ‘justified’ by the alleged whistleblower Willy “Boom” Rodriguez, a crisis actor cast as the ‘janitor of the twin towers’ . Willy was later exposed as a former pupil of the infamous magician James Randi, but only after having toured the world with his tale of “BIG explosions that went off in the WTC basement BEFORE the first airplane impact!”. Evidently – and in hindsight – Willy’s role was to provide a ‘plausible-denial cover’ in the event of any (however improbable) future class action against the government ( :rolleyes: ) filed by inquiring citizen-eyewitnesses of the day who might have sought answers concerning the early visual obscuration of the WTC towers BEFORE the official timelines of their collapses. Their class action would have been met (and thus promptly dismissed) with the ‘alibi’ of those alleged “BIG basement explosions which must have generated lots of smoke around the towers…”

Willy was of course hailed and rewarded as a “9/11 hero who saved many lives” – as “the last person to exit the North Tower alive on September 11th”…

Image Willy “Boom” Rodriguez and George “Dubya” Bush

And thus the Grand 9/11 Hoax was pulled off. With the entire WTC complex engulfed in a dense smokescreen, the perpetrators had no worries whatsoever about any private citizen filming any part of the day’s events: all they would have captured on film would be hazy views of Lower Manhattan enveloped by what quickly became a gigantic and impenetrable cloud, ostensibly generated by military-grade smoke machines. These were likely placed in the infamous WTC7 governmental CIA / FBI building[/url] which “mysteriously” collapsed at 5.20 PM in the afternoon – its “job” done…)

That the smoke machines would have been located in the WTC7 building is of course only a speculative theory of mine – yet it is supported by a number of circumstantial evidence and reasoned considerations. As some will remember, we were told that the WTC7 had caught fire (for some utterly unfathomable reason) well before the tower collapses, thus igniting the “huge tanks of diesel / heating oil located in its basement” – and thus ‘explaining’ the huge smokecloud gushing out of the 47-story-building’s backside (which directly faced the Twin Towers).

In fact, a few rare film clips exist of this WTC7 “fire” (and were briefly aired on TV) – such as the two below examples:

Image The WTC7 smoke – as aired on the History Channel

Image The WTC7 smoke – as shown in the French Naudet brothers’ feature movie “9/11”

Now, please note that it is inconsequential whether the above film clips are real or not (most likely not; they are more probably prefabricated CGI clips meant to replicate at least part of the real-world visuals that would have predictably occurred under the pre-planned psyop). What matters is that we may quite reasonably conclude that the absurd and inexplicable WTC7 “fire” was part and parcel of the Grand 9/11 Deception, since the master script of the operation would have required some sort of (however outlandish) ‘justification’ for the gigantic smoke cloud that enveloped the whole of Lower Manhattan – virtually from dawn to dusk. Hence the need for the short film clips of the smokey WTC7 – so as to put to rest any suspicions of foul play that some bystanders might have nurtured as they saw that thick smoke gushing out of the WTC7 in the early morning hours – well before the WTC demolitions (which, of course, would have been triggered only after the tall twin towers had fully disappeared from view). That’s right: there exist NO real imagery of the actual WTC collapses, since they fell behind a visually impenetrable smokescreen. As has been methodically demonstrated on this forum, every single film clip you have ever seen of the twin tower collapses are 100% fake and were created with ‘Hollywood technology’ – much like what we’ve all seen in CGI-packed disaster movies such as “Independence Day” (1996) and “Armageddon” (1998).

In fact, the motion graphics shown on “Live TV” (meant to depict the actual tower collapses) were – all in all – quite horrendous, piss-poor CGI productions, and looked nothing like the subsequent high-resolution photographic renderings ‘of the same’ which were only released in 2010 (nine years later!), officially due to – get this! – a FOIA complaint filed by the ABC TV Network against NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) which lamented that NIST was “unduly withholding from the public important & historical 9/11 video material”! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Savour the irony of that “ABC-vs-NIST episode”, folks – or hold your vomit for the cringy in-your-face audacity of the wretched 9/11 hoaxers.

Here’s the “collapse of WTC2 as shown on Live TV” by the American CBS network. And yes, this offensive crap is still to be found in the official 9/11 TV archives :


To be sure, the gigantic smoke cloud lingered and lasted for the entire day, a completely absurd and inexplicable fact if it had been – as we were shamelessly told – a consequence of the tower collapses, or the “burning jet fuel” – or whatnot. Indisputably, and as of common knowledge, the dust of ANY controlled demolition of even the largest buildings (or huge, concrete football stadiums) only lingers in the air for no more than 15 minutes before completely subsiding.

Yet, THIS is what New Yorkers saw for the entire duration of that fateful day – from morning to dusk:

See my 2014 post titled “THE 9/11 SMOKESCREEN” : viewtopic.php?p=2391828#p2391828

With this real-world scenario in place (i.e. Lower Manhattan covered in smoke), it would then have been a child’s play for the TV networks to air a few seconds of fake prefabricated imagery depicting “a commercial airliner impacting the WTC2 tower…on LIVE TV!” A few seconds, really? Yes indeed: your mind may be obfuscated by the many short, purported ‘amateur videoclips’ that were subsequently uploaded on Youtube (trickling in gradually yet relentlessly) – making you think that countless people captured the “incoming & impacting airplane”. As a former professional photographer and video editor, I have analyzed each one of them over the years (there are currently about 50 of them to be found – i.e. of the alleged “Flight 175”) and demonstrated that they all contradict each other in one way or another – and thus cannot be legit / authentic video material. As for what was aired on “Live” TV (which is of course what concerns us the most), we were indeed only shown a grand total of 16 seconds depicting the purported airplane approach and crash. Now, those 16 seconds were – incredibly enough – seamlessly split into 4 sequential clips which were ‘distributed’ across the 4 major American TV networks: CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN. (On FOX news, a separate clip of the “plane crash” was aired, showing the nose of the ‘airplane’ emerging miraculously INTACT out of the opposite side of WTC2!).

At the time of my ‘full-immersion’ into my September Clues research, I had all the “Live TV broadcasts” lined up (multitracked and synched) on my video editor. I have to admit that I burst into incontrollable laughter as I eventually realized what follows. Firstly, you need to know that EACH of the 4 TV networks aired what were passed off as “helicopter footage”, supposedly captured by each one of their own 4 TV choppers (ALL of which ‘just happened’ to be circling the WTC towers at around 9AM, i.e. less than 15 minutes after the alleged 1st plane crash of “Flight11” into WTC1 at 8:46AM !…). One must wonder how all those TV reporters and TV chopper pilots arrived on the scene wayyy before the jet fighters of the USA’s mighty military machine!

The ABC TV “postcard shot”: The below clip from ABC’s “live coverage” of 9/11 has to be among my favourites: we see what is meant to be the ABC chopper’s landing skid rotating in front of a (STATIC) ‘postcard’ backdrop of Manhattan. Say what you may – but this sure resembles the cheap ‘motion effects’ used in the old 1950’s movies! If you don’t agree, then think about how idiotic it would be to mount a panoramic chopper camera in a spot where the panorama would be obscured by the chopper skids…


In hindsight, the 9/11 hoax planners’ ludicrous idea of using (exclusively) purported aerial chopper imagery for the “live TV approach & crash of Flight 175 at 9:03AM” wasn’t as silly as it might seem : after all, the vast majority of the hypnotized worldwide TV audience bought it all – hook, line and sinker, no questions asked.

Well, hold on to your seats now, dear readers: what I first noticed (in my headphones) was a faint “double-beep” such as those commonly used in Tv/ film studios to synchronize video tracks with each other. This double-beep audio cue occurred (on ALL the TV network feeds) precisely 17 seconds before the “actual Flight 175 impact” that everyone saw on ABC and CNN onto the southern face of WTC2 (which was – ‘conveniently enough’ – hidden from view). Of course, my initial question was: how could this “double-beep” audio cue possibly have bled (?) into the audio feeds of all these 4 different TV networks? But that wasn’t the end of it. As I carefully examined my 4 TV video tracks lined up on top of each other, I soon noticed that the 16 seconds depicting the purported airplane approach and crash had been seamlessly split between the 4 TV networks! That is to say, the first few seconds of the “airplane approach” had been ‘allotted’ to the CBS ‘live feed’, the next few seconds had been ‘allotted’ to NBC, the next few seconds had been ‘allotted’ again to CBS – and the final (and most spectacular) few seconds had been ‘allotted’ to ABC and CNN !!! You really cannot make this stuff up. Or can you?

Here’s the animated gif file I made of this whole sordid affair:


The full 17-second sequence of the “Flight 175 approach and crash” breaks down as follows:

-17sec (a double “beep” audio cue can be heard 17 seconds before the ‘plane impact’ – in each of the ‘live’ audio feeds of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN !)
-16sec to -15sec : “THE DIVEBOMBER”(CBS)
-15sec to -7sec : “THE BALL”(NBC)
-7sec to -4sec : “THE WINGTIP”(CBS)
-3sec to 0sec : “THE INTERNATIONAL SHOT”(ABC and CNN. These 3 seconds are likely the most widely-known and diffused in the history of television)

Yes, dear fellow good citizens of the world: we were all roundly duped on September 11, 2001. Yet, it is never too late to wake up to the shenanigans foisted upon us by the seemingly incurable psychopathic individuals who have been allowed, perhaps through the mechanisms described by Darwin’s sad rules of natural selection, to unite around their ill-obtained riches, unruly behaviour and insane cravings for hegemonic power – to rule upon us all. In any event, their pathetic 9/11 World Deception has long been exposed and dismantled – much like their recent and far more deadly “Covid pandemic” hoax – and it’s high time for us to unite and take a firm stance against this ongoing and criminal skullduggery on the part of the wealthiest individuals of this planet.

May reason prevail.

P.S. : For your entertainment, here’s a track from my September Clues movie’s soundtrack which starts with an alleged early “firsthand eyewitness” of the event (“Tony” – the garbage man who says he witnessed a “BIG BIG PLANE” and … “THE BLACK SMOKE ALL OVER THE PLACE”) . Enjoy!… … _BREAK.mp3

Source: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself – Page 167 – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception

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Are riots faked?

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I believe fake riots are meant to create the impression of:
1. ‘Police’(or military) are willing to brutalize the citizens
2. There exists violent criminal rioters/agitators
Normal people, who are afraid of being brutalized, nor want to associate themselves with criminals, are therefore incentivized not to participate in future protests. Real revolution is thus pre-empted by a fake one.

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Moon rocket misses target by 238,7991?2 miles

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Almost 100 years later we have the lie that rockets work in a vacuum and therefore “space”.

I find it quite fascinating that this particular Cluesforum thread (“Does Rocketry Work beyond Earth’s atmosphere?” – started by our member Boethius back in 2013, i.e. a DECADE ago!) has now over a million views – yet, and so far, not ONE single substantiated argument has been put forth in support of the physical possibility of rockets being able to propel themselves beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.…

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