Smoke is climate change hoax

The smoke from the Quebec fires are reaching North America’s two media capitals, so naturally they’re going to use the opportunity to sell the smoke as climate change.

While some of the fires may have been started deliberately, I have no doubt that our government is deliberately employing the UN’s wilding mandates to allow for the chips to fall where nature lays them.

BC and Alberta have been on fire every summer for the last 10 years- and largely because our federal government refuses to allow routine forestry that removes the old trees that are the catalysts for rapidly spreading wildfires. During this time we couldn’t even get Trudeau to give us his best “thoughts and prayers”.

Now Ontario has had to deal with a bit of smoke and all I see in my timeline are media figures and politicians screaming the sky is falling because by some stroke of luck this issue has finally reached their backyard.

Carbon! Climate change! We told you so! Alberta wants to export more fossil fuels? LOOK AT US!

Sorry, Ottawa, but go fuck yourselves. Your net zero policies are more to blame for this than cars and cow farts. The west isn’t drinking your Kool Aid. We’ve always been your piggy bank when you needed some cash and now we have a pair of leaders who are actually doing something to stop the plundering.

I hope you choke on that smoke you fucking weasels.

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Gerry Kowaltz Cummin-Downe
Gerry Kowaltz Cummin-Downe
1 year ago

There were yellow days and dark days in Montreal, Boston and other cities in the 19th century. Forest fires can be extremely large and their haze and odor can be strong even hundreds of miles away from the source. Many modern people don’t seem to grasp it. I’ve heard people ask why fire departments can’t simply extinguish forest fires. When people ask such questions they’re indicating how detached we’ve become from reality. We’ve deluded ourselves into thinking we’re in control, even though we still freeze on cold winter days, get flooded in heavy rain, wilt on hot summer days, etc.… Read more »

1 year ago

I live near New York City and this smokey haze and burnt smell definitely was bizarre. I’ve never seen anything like it in 28 years of living here. For forest fires to blaze in Canada and blow all the way down the Northeast of the United States, I guess that’s possible? Was something else nefarious going on? Because the sun was impossible to see for the second half of June 7th even though the forecast said mostly Sunny. I’m skeptical of what happened and Climate Change or Global Warming has nothing to do with it. Also how do wildfires start… Read more »