Ep32-Humble Howard

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audio_mp3_buttonep32-Humble Howard Interview

My attempt to interview one of my favorite podcasters here in Toronto, Humble Howard. Howard has mentioned researching so I thought I’d try and reach out to him and get him to consider – heck even discuss it on his show! Let’s see…

His podcasts: humbleandfredradio.com

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9 thoughts on “Ep32-Humble Howard

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  2. Simon Shack

    Ab, my warmest congrats for your outstanding tactfulness and eloquence in laying out the basic concepts of psyops and media fakery to radio host Humble Howard. Of course, I know from experience how tricky it can be to introduce anyone to these thorny subjects – and how easy it is to get a bit ‘carried away’ or slip into ‘info overload mode’ – thus losing your interlocutor’s attention. You did nothing of the sort and displayed an enviable talent for gently expounding this hyper-sensitive topic to a relative ‘newcomer’ to the whole paradigm – in only twenty minutes! Let’s hope HH will keep his word and set apart a little time to look into it all.

    Oh how I wish English were my first language – and to talk as well as you…

    Well done, Tim! :O)

    ps: I also hope Humble Howard will envision the humoristic potential of the grotesque 9//11 hoax. He could, for instance, start one of his radio shows by reading this tribute to “David Tengelin”, the alleged (and only) Swedish 9/11 victim. It was supposedly written by his grieving mother, “Britt Ehnar”:

    “Normally when you had been at home and returned to New York you left things here and there for me to pick up later. The last time you only left a pair of used socks on the floor. I did not have time to wash them before 9/11. I still have not and I never will. I smell them every day and they smell of you David. I am so afraid that your smell will vanish. I can see the shape of your feet in the socks. There are some tiny spots of dirt on the outside, and inside I can see tiny pieces of skin, which have come from your feet. This is all I have left of you. I do not usually like the smell of used socks, but these mean everything to me. They contain the last scent you left behind.”


    1. ab Post author

      Wow what tripe and C movie prose that socks of a sockpuppet story is.

      Simon, thanks for the kind words. If you could speak as well as you write, you would be dangerous. Nevermind, you already are a menace to those that intimidate us.

      This was my first foray into dancing with a pro broadcaster. It is trickier to get a point across with an egg timer ticking. Not only that, but I’m not sure Howard was even interested in learning more.

      He has, after all, been researching since 2005. How could one not have at least tickled September Clues research? He promises to review it and cluesforum.info.

      The gravy will be in the follow up. Let’s see if we get one. Meanwhile, I best revise my 20 minute 9/11 meal into something digestable.

      Show for you this Sunday?


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