ep66-Caesar’s Messiah with Joseph Atwill

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audio_mp3_buttonep66-Joseph Atwill

Showtime: Saturday, September 28, 2013, 7:11pm EDT (7, not 9)

Is Jesus Christ and Christianity the ultimate ?

Yes, we will go there with Joseph Atwill of caesarsmessiah.com/blog/



While many might consider this a third-rail topic, we will be looking at the concept strictly from a psyOp or mind control perspective. No disrespect is intended to those followers of Christianity.


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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
7 days ago

beatles talk at 52 mins i am familliar with atwills theory ,i didnt dwell on it as i was using it as a vague template for creating ozama via psi fi luje sjywaljer ,and his appearances were mainly on jan irvin gnostic media which led me into the dave mcgowan thread or rabbit hole but he did introduce me to mk ultra and culture creationist threads which were all the rage in the early 2010’s been a long long time since i heard an audio which made so much of an impact me ,not in the way most would think… Read more »

Last edited 7 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
7 days ago

not sure what video link was above ,so i posted this im listening to ab and joseph atwill in this audio ,don’t spoil it for me remember though the rosicrucian doctrine is jesus was a normal man an alchemist ,and these chaps mythology ruby roses claim lazarus was reincarnated as rosencreuz 1400 years later another wizard ,lots of paralels leading to similar sort of outcome ,i have no views but i do see patterns even vague ones occasionally silas this has your name written on ,lots of familys and tribes , and no doubt you frank and rick are aware… Read more »

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[…] ep66-Caesar's Messiah with Joseph Atwill […]

Dave j
Dave j
10 days ago

AB review some of these comments before you have your guest or should I say clown back

Herge Degrelle
Herge Degrelle
10 years ago

The first guy was an either-or black and white thinker: I wanna hold your hand good, Let’s do it in the road bad 1950’s coffee, amphetamines and beer good, psychedelics bad counterculture bad and controlled, traditional dufusculture good and not controlled fables and esoteric codes bad, materialistic and non-esoteric codes good Boring – almost like reading Ayn Rand It was hilarious that just as soon as he finished his lecture about ‘the archaic revival’ and how all rock music was tribal mind-control and it’s better not to listen to any, you played your show id, which has some kick-ass drummer… Read more »