FAC1187-Sunday Super show

Velo and JLB air it all out with Ab – on a Sunday!

Also featuring Esoterick, Wildtimes3, TruthIam, SimonPhoenix, ThomasJ, BarbieChopShop.

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1 year ago

I think the Victorian death stats indicate that investigation of the jab is required.

The twelve months ending in October 2022 have the highest count of registered deaths ever experienced, at 47,887. Until April 2021, the previous 6 years had an average of 40,000 registered deaths per year.

In my opinion, that is BIG increase, with no indication that the trend is going to ease.

Sorry, I couldn’t update my previous comment, so I reposted.

1 year ago

Here you go again with your OFFicial stats. You really trust those numbers? Where are you getting these death stats from anyways? How can we trust that source? You should know by now how easy it is for stats to be fabricated. Remember going back to 2020 and how much did we hear about hundreds of thousands of people dying from the Coronavirus that doesn’t exist? Nobody died from the invisible monster that doesn’t exist in 2020. You were lied to about that. After you know you’ve been lied to about t the Coronavirus deaths that never took place, you… Read more »

1 year ago

I am not a Fakeologist but I remember a few months ago one of Abs guests on a FAK(I think Tiago) at the end of a show gave some bullshit story about walking in freezing Temps for some reason. Ab called him out on the lie it must of been and they got off the call all huffy and didn’t come back for a while. I could of sworn it was Tiago but maybe not. If it was him he tells stories sometimes for sure. How does someone set up their mailing address at a Mailbox Plus under a name… Read more »

1 year ago

Velocet’s behavior lately is bizarre and I’m not buying it. What’s up with this meltdown he had on this audio chat? Why does Velocet have this Fuck All attitude now? Why is he suddenly breaking up with everyone like his life partner, Ab and Tiago? Very suspect to me. Is Velocet putting on a big act for Fakeologists? Is he setting everyone up for something?

1 year ago

in terms of respect ,i follow all you lot (ALL OF YOU)the good the bad and the ugly

i can no more see the future than anyone else can ,sum however have to adhere to the script ,like melissa had too,xulks smashed the script readers so you understand folks lie through their financial wizard teeth

this script starts with american government bad 911 unsolvable , lets have a revolution .

well not anymore

1 year ago

look i have no intention giving any of the “fakeologists” who participate in crypto a hard time , im not ignoring it either ,it,s as part of the 2OZ0 reset script as the fake truthers learning fakeology and the fake war(tenet) i follow ab because he,s sharp ,honest ,and the closest thing to free speech i have seen ,plus he is up there with the best thinkers .which means you get freethinkers aswell as houseclowns i am not fearful of ab losing money to a crypto scam ,as dave j says time is the only commodity, that is wasted everytime… Read more »

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