Rick is back after a week off.

Drama at the cafe – is it going to fold?

Rollo and Velocet update.

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1 year ago

yes rick the amount of wizard of oz being investigated is phenomenol ,and a little late ,by three or four years also rick say’s the bot sends fakeologist post’s into the discord ,thats a novel idea . is there a way to see what fakeologist topics the discord posse are discussing and possibly get them to do an audio,who are the big boys in the discord ,and is there still levels of separation ? dave j donating is wonderful ,i am a freeloader ,so that makes me feel better and what about markus allens bet with his wife ,that will… Read more »

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Dave j
Dave j
1 year ago

Not to ruin the ending for you “ab” however the End of 1984 is “Winston” (not a hero) knowing all that he Knows and was made aware up Cowardly Goes back into the system.

It is not a “happy ending” and anyone that does not Highlight this as the takeaway in fact read the “book” but failed to Finish the “thought.”

1 year ago

i’m listening and adding any links from rick

isaac weishaupt links and website rick talked of



bbc statue of little boy and pervert.

brooke sheilds ,pretty baby

the 70s ,heres another movie with her kit off ,this part made me laugh,george burns


adorno has an awful lot out there

56 mins rick made me laugh outloud ,”what evidence do i have ,none” funny as fuck

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dave j
dave j
1 year ago

Rick – When and under what Circumstance would you condone the (threat of) “rape” of someone(s) wife (or anyone for that matter)?

Did you ask (oz(no so)man) about this? or is that something you have not seen.

Your direct answer will be instructive.

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