Should Christians really turn the other cheek?


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1 year ago

Graham Hancock talks with Mauro Biglino about his work translating the Bible, and the absence of God in the original text.
Mauro Biglino
Translator of 19 books of the Old Testament with Edizioni San Paolo, the scholar in ancient languages Mauro Biglino stood out in the eyes of the general public from 2010 with his outstanding literal reinterpretation of the Bible, expressed in a series of best-selling essays.

a fascinating narration of biblical verses, which are analysed in their original form in ancient Hebrew.

not my forte ,but it popped up so i thought i’d post it

John le Bon
1 year ago

Kudos to wildtimes for trying to moderate the discussion and keep it flowing sensibly. A lot of these audiochats would benefit immensely if the participants could stay on topic and let each other finish their thoughts. This call had a lot of promise. It would have been nice to hear more exploration of where the bible comes from, who wrote it, what their intent may (or may not) have been, how reliable it is as a guide for life, etc, which it sounded like zombie_dave was interested in discussing at the beginning, but the call never really went there. In… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  John le Bon

Good points John. I wasn’t really interested initially because I have my own opinion about the bible, but I did listen and thought a lot like you.
Someone other than wildtimes would have drawn more out of the whole conversation.

1 year ago

At around 2:35, the Christians agree that they want monarchy! Lol, I’m still chuckling.. Sure guys, the way forward is monarchy! Democracy bad, but monarchy good… got it. 🙂 #solutions

1 year ago
Reply to  realalex

Just after wt makes his “unresolvable” hydropower argument again. If the hydro guy is acting is good faith, there will be a way for him to correct the unintentional wrong he initiated – eg by diverting a lesser amount of water to his pond. If he is acting in bad faith, all that has happened is that this is now obvious. The thirsty downstream chap can then redress the issue with a posse or something, or leave. #solutions

1 year ago

At around 3 hours and 7 minutes in, Not Sure was talking to Wild Times about how the welfare state is going to go away because it cannot be sustained. Welfare is the future. That’s why drug legalization is here. The government wants everyone in a passive state. The government wants everyone subservient to them and not providing for themselves by working jobs. That’s why we’re moving closer to socialism, communism or communitarianism. Pacifying people is the ultimate goal of governments and that is what welfare accomplishes.