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9 months ago

I highly suspect that even Al Capone was a fictional character…Hollywood is the product of the RCC (the Jesuits are the real serpents). The “supposed” Jews are mere greedy front men having the biblical nature of (scorpions). The scorpions are always sucking up to the serpents, and would like to become serpents, but are too greedy to obtain that level….. Because of their greed they will come out into the day light and expose themselves, whereas the true controlling serpents remain well hidden under rocks and unknown. Example:little scorpions such as Klaus Shwaub, and George Soros are nothing but stooges… Read more »

10 months ago

RIck if you can see this. If not i will have to send you an email

This goes into what you were talking about last night and today as well. The idea of (one) “neo”

dave j
dave j
10 months ago
Reply to  davej

The (K)nose knows……