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Dave j
Dave j
9 months ago

Nothing wrong with a job at the market.

9 months ago
Reply to  Dave j

i spent ten years cleaning toilets at a university ,some would say that’s the lowest

jobs a job

i was a fantastic barman ,til i decided the otherside of the bar is more fun

Last edited 9 months ago by napoleon wilson
Dave j
Dave j
9 months ago

No one was gassed on the battlefields of world War I as war is a hoax control demolition and strategic relocation. No they did not use gas to scare off nuisances you big dummy Rick. At least you keep your stupidity funny. Can I do a better job on the show tonight and read the blog. I should not have to contact you in the email to have you respond and by the way you owe me a list. 1 2 3 4 Cheers and maybe take a picture outside of the open air let me see how thick the… Read more »