FAC1345-Joe Rogan is a woman

With Rick, Frank, Ab, Loopy, Farcevalue, Notshocked, Typoerror

This show is sponsored by Typoerror

You can donate in under 30 seconds at fakeologist.com/donate

Mr. E’s Joe Rogan video: https://fakeotube.com/video/6684/joe-rogan—false-prophet-of-the-transpocalypse

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6 months ago

At 4 hours and 37 minutes in, Ab Server Muting Typo Error an hour after Typo donated to Ab was all time classic. I thought Typo’s donation would butter up Ab and thus weaken Ab’s ability to Server Mute Typo in the future and also that Typo’s donation was going give him a license to run wild on Fakeo.

6 months ago
Reply to  grandillusion

The little powers of even smaller “men”

6 months ago
Reply to  fakeologist

That’s a coward’s way out a true man of courage a true man of Honor a true man in general would not have taken the money their currency in the first place and you are no man of courage no man upon and to be a man now you are not. You spread the false witness of the generational curse and lie to anyone who will hear and then when those stand up against your evil arrogance and ignorance you digitally rage with your little spiritually homosexual temper tantrum and mute button. Even drunk and wasted on the floor typo… Read more »