FAC1417-Making plans for new chatter Nigel T

Excellent show meet – meet new voice/donor Nigel T.

Updated about Japan from Frank and Holland native WM

Typo gets timed out

Toby gets timed out

Napoleon gets called out

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28 days ago

I could slowly show the countless fabrications and dismissal of facts. even this is going to met with insults and deflections and lies.

GAIA literally typed out what they are doing said I am doing it Dave responded and then would not answer. and no one is acknowledging anything.

28 days ago

Great to hear the new voice.

So sad that typo was timed out – he’s such a great listener! I hope he’s able to come back next year, or the year after that.

29 days ago

The owner Ab earned a subscription from me for providing free speech in his forum. And for being polite, fair and fun.

ya’ll should learn some respect for you boss and work place. see you after a while. my wife misses me and my cheeks hurt from smiling. take the “war” off your aSHIFT philosophy. you aren’t ready for a text battle, let alone a war.

AB rachel. much respect for your hard work.

29 days ago
Reply to  nigeljtilbury

your fishing expedition failed exactly like lsp or wildtimes did,and viderres and john friends and the others paid chatters who do shows with ab ,who continually claim they are 911 truthers and say judy wood to trigger him into divulging my work

i really just enjoy the fruits of my work

p.s. be more polite you sound like that beard velocets lets speak

29 days ago
Reply to  napoleon

header of the site https://fakeologist.com/forum-cointelpro/

I actually changed my mind when I saw GAIA aSHIFT’s posts.
its lies its tactical and on purpose. I’m here napoleon. there is new thread started. you post lies and rudeness. you continue until someone leaves. well. ill be over in the forum.

ill find another place in the world to showcase this. and let the public decide.

28 days ago
Reply to  nigeljtilbury

public already decided sweetheart,its the houseclowns earning money for the truman town they built that have to keep quiet and not let truman know and who can blame them i’m the fakeologist that solved 911 came to fakeologist and found out al they do is try and send you images of ab or get you to join their gang incidentally lyn i was called millenium fall-con when i used to talk to pete shae or poncho pete and delcroix and aeon aton knew me as millenium i settled on napoleon wilson firstly because he’s tha baddest man on the planet… Read more »

Last edited 28 days ago by napoleon wilson
29 days ago
29 days ago
Reply to  lynnertell

great movie ,rio bravo it has been compared to as you know ,

“You wanna be a hero your first night out, Lieutenant?”
“Yes, sir.”
“There are no heroes anymore, Bishop, only men who follow orders.”

Last edited 29 days ago by napoleon wilson