FAC1419c-Collapsing birth rates and much more

Part 3 of 3 of another mega call that you won’t want to miss.
We feature new voices and bikini reports.

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1 month ago

… tHank q at VD..ap 2b eAR / Hi at NPwilsun too{

1 month ago

144 linda makes me piss myself ,i’m sorry linda and dr fustercluck someone should pull linda on the hippie 911 metaphor shit ,thats what known frauds use ,so dr get your straightjacket out next time im only half kidding quick question has any of you ladies and gentlemen done your own research on 911 beyond watching videos about 911,its just nasa and apollo textbooks aint gonna debunk themeselves anymore than the 911 truth recruitment videos that you all have seen ,and we have all seen them videos and i am still waiting for a content creater to make the definative… Read more »

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