FAC1421-Riktok-Ab has a fake birthday

Derek drives too fast

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1 month ago

yo Ab. Im sure you didnt but I hope the mason chant video for yoyr bday was funny making fun of napoleon. kinda funny. just want you to know. thanks. In your wisdom. wheter it was you or napoleons alter ego and other account rachel that banned me for 30 days. it helped. I get wrapped up poking napoleon because he has info. he says he is doing it for good, but he only gives the goid stuff to me when he gets mad and throws a fit. a manchurian and mancurian arent the same. that’s the sthick there. one… Read more »

1 month ago

derek wants to be abel to drive fast so when a child jumps out he will have no reaction time,derek tells us about the time he ran into the road and the 85 year old man had no reaction time and hit him at 10 years old

ab spotted that contradiction

thats jumps out into the road ,not ! i repeat not jumping out of dereks car ,he’s not a child kidnapper

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1 month ago

Happy Birthday Fakeologist rick starts this audio disecting the elitist name yuval noah harari mountain dweller Harari (Hebrew: ????) is a Jewish surname that can be translated from Hebrew as ‘mountainous’ or as ‘mountain dweller’ (cf. Bergmann). It is also found among the Harari people from the city of Harar in Ethiopia. ricks story continues he was on a train chatting to a young lady who is a psychology graduate and doing his civil duty by informing her of nlp ,he’s quickly joined joined the fake nazi jewboy noiz level ,not on the train ! in the audio ,then followed by silas… Read more »

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