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Phillipines are listening today
esoterick_ — Yesterday at 3:46 AM
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 3:46 AM

UTL COMMENT:- ? What a clown show Australia ?? has become!
Just goes to show that they’re all in the ‘club’…
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 3:58 AM

Hazy and white – Geo engineering
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 4:18 AM

A Pandemic of Vaccine Injured & A Message To the Unvaccinated…
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Neo2020v4vandetta channel
Dtrain — Yesterday at 4:20 AM
@it’s the dews @Fakeologistv8 @esoterick_ @typoerror I was sent this amazing tribute to Typo today by Loopy from Ireland. Play it please. It’s awesome ?
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 4:21 AM
cheers man

Woman talks about the Hypocrisy by the LGBTQ+ community with the us…
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Pal Bulletin channel
Note: I zoomed this video in to make it easier to see.
Verilicious — Yesterday at 4:31 AM
Golden gay time icecream by Streets Icecream invented 1959 ?
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 4:34 AM

Douglas Murray speaking to a crowd of Jews
An-Atheist Gentile Zionist Douglass Murray to an audience of Jews explains his support for the Jewish state by his voluntarily decision to be exclusively surrounded by Jews which he calls a “wild grace of God”

He goes further to say that Jews have …
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 4:53 AM

Europa – Cultivate Elevate
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Interestingly enough I tried to upload the Europa documentary here several times but every time it failed.
Zero One — Yesterday at 4:58 AM
It’s the Jews. You Jews
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 5:07 AM

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters
Germans Persecuted for Singing the Naughty Song
esoterick_ — Yesterday at 5:17 AM
[Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format)] June 5, 2024 “Real History” with Melissa (Podcast): “Ep. 68 – Dr. Sean Hross” #realHistoryWithMelissaPodcastRssFormat
https://podcastaddict.com/real-history-with-melissa-podcast-rss-format/episode/177287852 via @PodcastAddict
Podcast Addict
Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format) – June 5, 2024 “Rea…
Listen to Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format) – June 5, 2024 “Real History” with Melissa (Podcast): “Ep. 68 – Dr. Sean Hross” by CTTM ( cuttingthroughthematrix.com & alanwattsentientsentinel.eu ) on Podcast Addict. –{ “Ep. 68 – Dr. Sean Hross”}– Who is Dr. Sean Hross? Discovering his work with Alan Watt. – G.I.U.R.E.H., Cathars – S…
Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format) – June 5, 2024 “Rea…
@Zero One have listen when u can
JohnnysRist — Yesterday at 5:55 AM

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA,…
it’s the dews — Yesterday at 6:01 AM
The real reason why they killed Saddam Hussein

Matrix Discovery
JohnnysRist — Yesterday at 6:10 AM

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA,…
Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia (Full Audiobook) – Posted Dec 24, 2023 journalist Paul L. Williams – In this disturbing exposé, journalist Paul L. Wil
Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA,…

The Colonel’s Corner
SitRep with War_Hamster and Colonel Towner-Watkins
We cover Belarus and Georgia today…is Operation Gladio active? #OperationGladio #InternationalSyndicate
SitRep with War_Hamster and Colonel Towner-Watkins
Zero One — Yesterday at 6:19 AM
Jeff berwick is a Jew.
Anarcho capitalism is Jewish as is libertarianism.
King Charles is Jewish @typoerror
Zero One — Yesterday at 6:45 AM
Haha I’m Jewish now? ?
There is a difference if you say things in “private” or public with a primary German audience.
The only people that pose a threat are the brainwashed lefties.
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 7:20 AM
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 7:51 AM
I think planes use kerosene. What I heard anyway.
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 8:07 AM
@anounceofsaltperday what is the percentage of deaths under say age 65?
So maybe they are adding those deaths back into the stats now? Fudging the numbers to get people to believe excess deaths. Good plan.
anounceofsaltperday — Yesterday at 8:15 AM
i have only looked at totals . Do you want a copy of my submission? @LindaC33andcounting
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 8:16 AM
Dm me the submission
anounceofsaltperday — Yesterday at 8:17 AM
Attachment file type: acrobat
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JohnnysRist — Yesterday at 8:56 AM
https://youtu.be/jxmZZBJQAKM?si=tWEZH602M-Yz9UvN Typo
Slaine Macroth
Where’s me jumper
ptrippah103#113 — Yesterday at 9:04 AM
Is someone using a speaker system? Lots of feedback
ptrippah103#113 — Yesterday at 9:48 AM
I know i was vague but will be listening to the radio version offline or will listen to the replay
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 9:53 AM
ptrippah103#113 — Yesterday at 10:37 AM
I can’t respond rt now but i work in radar and satellites are used as a backup to on land antenna
Pretty interesting actually
ptrippah103#113 — Yesterday at 11:08 AM
@LindaC33andcounting https://emfacademy.com/emf-paint/
EMF Academy
EMF Paint – What It Is, How It Works, and What To Buy
Ever wondered what EMF paint was? Maybe you’re not sure how it works or what to buy? In this guide I’ll cover this and more.
EMF Paint – What It Is, How It Works, and What To Buy
Kind of interesting

Brief — Yesterday at 12:56 PM
I’m just listening.
Brief Shadow was too long.
Brief — Yesterday at 1:05 PM
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 1:14 PM
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/lcq7vz9sxb5n8pt7
Brief — Yesterday at 1:22 PM
Can you have happiness without despair?
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 1:27 PM
@aiode play https://api.substack.com/feed/podcast/144992459/25a361d3fd7bd19718bee4eac76a3bc4.mp3
Brief — Yesterday at 1:31 PM
I suspect not many here value education and health system much.
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 1:36 PM
11 Highlights of 1907
As 2007 comes to a close, it’s fascinating to take a look back and see how things have changed. A century ago, most of us could only expect to live until about 50! Check out this list of some of the major events of 1907.
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 1:43 PM
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/k8mj7l6tou1yp1cq
ptrippah103#113 — Yesterday at 1:44 PM
@Dr fustercluck great profile name
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 2:07 PM
Paul Wysopal
Timothy McVay
JohnleBon — Yesterday at 2:23 PM
Thanks all for the chat.
Have a lovely day / night / weekend ?
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 2:26 PM
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/ewcutjw0omzuowjg
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/6199j25ud9bwyxrs
anounceofsaltperday — Yesterday at 2:40 PM
How much microbial biomass is in soil?
Soil microbial biomass is a relatively small component of the SOM—the MBC comprises only 1–3% of total soil C and MBN is 5% of total soil N—but they are the most biologically active and labile C and N pools (Deng et al., 2000; Smith and Paul, 1990).
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 3:10 PM
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/n8d18t4ydiqhu61o
anounceofsaltperday — Yesterday at 3:21 PM
James E. Thorne (@DrJStrategy) on X
No the end of the Saudi US petrodollar deal does NOT signify the demise of the USD.

The end of the Saudi-US petrodollar deal does not signal the demise of the USD as the global medium of exchange, but rather allows for a controlled devaluation of the dollar. As the undisputed

Twitter•06/11/2024 2:09 PM
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 4:49 PM
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/69x7t1c0x99hwlf8
@typoerror that’s fustercluck to you
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 4:56 PM
Watch Drumline
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 5:25 PM
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/q1d9scl437373mtf
@aiode play https://www.speakpipe.com/msg/vzsv98hgnhaa47ma/qt4lmo8j4iz6xeqj
LindaC33andcounting — Yesterday at 6:03 PM
Fakeologistv8 — Yesterday at 7:15 PM

tobys freedom
I back from my 2 weeks of banning/blocked

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1 month ago

Agree with Toby, Mark Passio has been one of the biggest advocates for anarchy for years. Anarchy sounds great theoretically. I, however, do not believe that anarchy or freedom is a possibility in this realm. The archons run this place.

1 month ago
Reply to  dirtybenny

I agree with you DB when you say that this world is working correctly, as intended. Therefore its not for an individual to make the world right – how could you? It’s a ridiculous notion, as if anyone has any idea. Is it capitalism, national socialism, small c conservatism, libertarianism, communitarianism – which is the best system to force people into, I wonder? Lol. Imo, no individual needs to internalise the world’s social, collectivising mentality. There’s no need to believe that one should force systems on others in the name of the greater good. One does not need to see… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by YouCanCallMeAl
1 month ago
Reply to  realalex

Al. Are you saying that the individual should forfeit to the group?

This website has aSHIFT listed on its fakeopedia as the philosophy of fakeology.

Is that what you suggest?

1 month ago
Reply to 

I’m saying that if you forfeit to the group, in your heart, you are no longer an individual.

Last edited 1 month ago by YouCanCallMeAl
1 month ago
Reply to  realalex

Agreed, Al….except for that last statement.

Much as I have quarantined myself from this civilization, it is like an angry chihuahua, nipping at my leg as I try to walk by it. It never stops trying to infect my life.

1 month ago
Reply to  dirtybenny

Al and Benny. I could not agree more with your statements. Whoever napoleon and GAIA are/were, was my first introduction to people that I would refer to in the same way benny just did. I have been called a mason, normie, truther, girl, aa mason (whoever that is), samantha?and I have had my wife insulted. I am also the one that got banned before dave j, napoleon and GAIA/aSHIFT were. Now I am banned again because Vespa wanted to insult my wife for the second time. Notice my insults were much better. Vespa went from a loud mouth to 1… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to 

Hi Nigel..for completeness, you are not the chihuahua…I explicitly said I am referring to the civilization which I have tried to exit from. I wish you the best regards to similarly exit from this place..

Cheers, db.