FAC1426-Sunday Show Toby torches ZeroOne

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Calm Card Ken calms everyone down.

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28 days ago

“Germany is a beautiful country but there’s too many immigrants”

The hypocrisy of some of the chatters is astounding.

When people’s from the “West” migrate east they call themselves Expats.

When people’s from the “East” migrate West “they” call them immigrants.

Are expats not immigrants too?

1 month ago

I’m looking for this AL?? Fakeologist.com 4:35?PM (38 minutes ago) to me Hi Nigel Tilbury, new reply has been posted by the YouCanCallMeAl on the discussion section you’ve been interested in https://fakeologist.com/does-the-cult-of-judah-use-pedophiles-to-control-·-fakeotube-by-epic-cash/#comment-49593 Nigel, I’m not sure what’s upset you so much, but if I can give my opinion, it seems to me that you are reading way too much into the quirks of the site. There is the blog, comments, discord, chat, fakeotube, etc – there are a lot of parts. There is no single sign on feature. However, as its not a big site, one soon learns who the… Read more »