Tom had me back on his radio show Dec 17, 2022.

My regular show should resume in the new year – although stand by for a Christmas show.



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dave j
dave j
1 year ago

I will see you next year then, or hear you at least, as you state “My regular show should resume in the new year – although stand by for a Christmas show.” So then, you will break your tim(e) off because Some Nimrod biblically (K)now(nose)(s) the “Queen” of Heaven and some Little SH(it) named Tammuz was born, Unto the Heathen a “sun” a “light” a (way) of LIFE was (G)iven. Isaiah 6:9 (flipflop) 10(io) input=output 9 He said, “Go and tell this people:“‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding;    be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’10 Make the heart of this people calloused;    make their ears dull    and… Read more »

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dave j
dave j
1 year ago

Good “appearance” on the Air(w)aves, except one selfish act you might reconsider. Meaning Its not about what YOU think Matters but what THEY “think” matters. That is what DRIVES the Tones Tunes and Colors know as (the “world”) the world (the Space known as Thought or Mind, between the ears of (w)o’dman) SOme confuse this with the (earth) , one is not the other. Here is the main take away. NO one wants to Babble numbers all day….IF you want to KNOW what “they you know “them” are up to is to KNOW the numbers. The numbers lead to Words,… Read more »

dave j
dave j
1 year ago

should i repost my comments here from our last time around or was that just a vivid dream i had?

1 year ago

tom is great
and you ab.but tom in particular is great ,he’s doing what he has to ,and i applaud him.

and like tom i encourage anyone to take strength from anywhere they can, and give as good as they get .

recapping the story so far is never wasted especially if one is telling the truth ,it never gets old

good job all round