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  2. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man –
  3. Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Original Document Copy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  4. It's Not Clean Until It's Disney Clean | 11-13-23 – 77 WABC
  5. Oli London on X: “Hamas Crisis Actor pretends to be a victim of an Israeli air strike- appearing in a hospital bed while pretending to be in a critical condition as two supporting actors hold his hand. In reality, the man is a Hamas musician and actor who has been appearing in various videos for… t.co/PQmPipAC3R” / X
  6. Network – The Mao Tse Tung Hour Negotiations – YouTube
  7. – 911 ACTORS
  8. fake11.com/facebook2
  9. Email Lynn – lynn@fakeologist.com
  10. Syria Incendiary Attack 2013 Analyzed. Israel War Hoax
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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
13 days ago

so lots of 911 forums to pop into lyn .wont come into see me will you ,checking old plates are still spinning? in others ,calling in radio shows to talk about 911 ,and these israel truthers are they on twitter ,wonder why it changed to x before we landed in oz x is a cross the stagnation of society from 99 till now call it 25 years is so easy to see ,no change in anything really jeans ? , once that dove columbine flew it was ,time for the cointel forums to go to work i dont cringe much… Read more »

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
13 days ago

the idea of classical or complicated music ,sophisticated professional musicians ,and lyn plays guitar

no doubt a fan of this man

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
13 days ago

Who was Charles Laughton’s lover?
In 1927, Laughton began a relationship with Elsa Lanchester, at the time a castmate in a stage play. The two were married in 1929, became US citizens in 1950, and remained together until Laughton’s death.


Elsa Lanchester as Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and The Monster’s Bride


quasimodo married the bride of frankenstein

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
13 days ago

i understand exactly what lyn meant about film stars, hope this is sufficient ,far more eloquent than me ,but i do agree lyn

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
13 days ago

i realise there are levels of truth that hinder a person like lyn progressing to my level of understanding ,and i also realise that the baggage of prior political theatre lyn most eloquently displays alongside the fantastic history lessons we get weekly from her are interesting and thought provoking

but lyn youll be dead in 20 years ,and all the lies you remember will be debunked by then

make a difference whilst your here ,fuck your pension

Last edited 13 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
13 days ago

and i know ab backwards and forwards ,i do believe the man is tired of talking to company men

and thats all you are if you are still perpetuating the 911 is a lie and getting angry, and moving onto the next stage of world deception ,

i tested ab once and he passed as did one or two others ,but were literally in the endgame now

lets try our best eh, i did