FAK800-Frank the salt guy

  1. https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/causes-death-australia/2020
  2. ‘Stuff it, shove it’: a furious Michael Gunner calls out those against vaccine mandates – video | Australia news | The Guardian
  3. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante collapses during press conference – YouTube
  4. M.O.A.R – The Mother Of All Revelations ….. READ DESCRIPTION
  5. Caller inners JLB, Notshocked
  6. Sponsored by Anonymous from Sweden

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Dave j
Dave j
7 months ago

Tim your soliloquy on the ab-solute value of life made me blush in pure amazement. Wonderful wonderful the truth spoken so truthfully and grace filled covers a multitude of sin(e).

7 months ago

I really like Frank. Love these weekly interviews. Checked for my European county, very interesting to see it’s just an accounting “disease’ also here respiratory deaths declined (almost half) during the “pandemic” A financial analyst would say “they are cooking the books”. In plain sight. That this obvious data doesn’t surface is what indicates the psy-op. As with Treblinka were allegedly 800.000 jews got gassed, we have no proof, of that event. No graves. No bodies. No ashes. No bon fragments. The holocaust is also an accounting psy-op. Could well be many went to russia, israel, or were not even… Read more »