FAK829-The German Canadian Experience

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  3. https://fakeotube.com/video/6678/adrien-arcand-1962—unique-entrevue—english-interview
  4. Upside Down Crazy Town
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5 months ago

i enjoyed the lads back and forth on the growing up periods they experienced ,bet it made them good at fighting

i think ab you did a good job

5 months ago
Reply to  napoleon

so the next topic for these chaps ,is who was behind the nazis and british spies and arab whisperers or as it was better worded they all agree on an idea what is the fundamental idea they all agree on ,is it astrology astrotheology ,that may govern part is it destruction of all religions to one that has no magic or faith at all ,now that would be sad the best part about religion is the leap of faith explaining an event that holds mythical values ruins the illusion don’t it,i did that with 911 did the theosophists film makers… Read more »

5 months ago

I think that the neo-Nazi character played by Stacy Keach in the movie AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998) was deliberately visually modelled on Ernst Zundel.

5 months ago
Reply to  jimjoekelly

i try not to watch violent films but my friend assures me this is a wonderful film greg

i might give AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998) a go

incidentally phonetically stacey keach backwards is cheeky cats

Last edited 5 months ago by napoleon wilson