FAK895-Leon discusses Elon Musk

Bailiwick News | Katherine Watt | Substack
Fakeotube January 6
Sid Ganis – Wikipedia
FAK892-Leon talks Trump
Fakeotube – Rosa Koire
Yuri Bezmenov – Wikipedia

Jason Goodman in NYC

full video will be uploaded later

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1 month ago

the attempt to streamline the fakeologist and fakeologists researchers into opinions based solely off people who call in in abysmal or the shabby audiochats and very amateurish

the fakeologist does not speak for me and no one in the audiochats speaks for me ,i speak for me

if ab cannot find people to read his blog after year 6 what happens then ,cos you aint getting the belt back

and i aint coming out of retirement like a hasbeen boxer

1 month ago

leon 911 next week ,you better bring your A GAME

1 month ago

in reference to asking travis his opinion on you talking to gentlemen like leon

ab the listeners only know your opinion ,or the people who call in their opinion or the audio chatters opinion when they address specific topics ,the listeners do not know the fakeologists bloggers opinion ab and have not for over half a decade now

so promote your blog or get your boys to read it


Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson