FAK901-Frank and Leon

FAK390-I-found-Forrest-Maready.mp3 · Fakeotube

How To Take Care Of Your Penis | Who am I, what am I and why am I here?

Fakeologist’s Ball Earth Skeptic – Where I place all my flat earth research

NASA’S “FLAT EARTH” DBA STRATEGY – Page 12 – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception

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helen keller | Search Results | Fakeologist.com

satellite hoax | Search Results | Fakeologist.com

Satellites : general discussion and musings – Page 55 – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception

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18 days ago

This is a fantastic video of 4 tribal Pakistani gentlemen being introduced to a “football” (their word) earth for the first time…… And they’re not really buying it.


1 month ago

At around 55 mins, Leon relays something interesting, imo. Via a guided mediation, he completely surrendered, moved his awareness/consciousness out of space and time, switched off his analytical mind.

Funny to hear Frank and Abs response.

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1 month ago
Reply to  lynnertell

on the forum side they call Siagirl, Lynn. Are you Siagirl on the forum side?

1 month ago

“Leon here is to show our views” So I am more confident than Leon that all of this is bullshit. I am so sick of people saying people are or are not fakeologists. Your loser members run around telling new people aren’t fakeologists and treat them like shit. As far as I can tell a fakeologists means you have to have a hive mind mentality that everyone must agree on. The other part is you have to accuse everyone that they are shills and masons while acting exactly like shills and masons. News is fake. War is fake. Politics are… Read more »