1893 Disappearance of SS Ironic

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Disappearance of SS Ironic
Bovic 1892.jpg
Type 1 boat incident
Type 2 mystery
Year 1893
Date 02/11
Place Atlantic Ocean
Numbers 11, 33
Perps White Star Line
Linked to
Mystery of
Mary Celeste
Sinking of
the Titanic
Prescriptive programming Yes (Titanic)
Fakeologist [ab 1]
Cluesforum [CF 1]

The Disappearance of SS Ironic was a psyop taking place at sea and is about a ship sailing from Liverpool, United Kingdom for New York, United States from February 11, 1893 onwards. Allegedly, the ship was lost at sea and has never been found again.

The only confirmation of the ships "existence" of which no photos are available [the photo to the right is of her sister ship, the SS Bovic], comes from alleged life boats seen by another ship and 4 bottles with messages in them allegedly found on several beaches.

The psyop was prescriptive programming for the much larger psyop of the Titanic, 19 years afterwards and 19 miles from where the SS Naronic, as its official name was, was lost at sea.

Official story

• SS Naronic was a steamship built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast for the White Star Line. The ship was lost at sea after leaving Liverpool on February 11, 1893 bound for New York, with the loss of all 74 people on board. The ship's fate is a mystery that remains unsolved to this day.

• Naronic was launched on May 26, 1892, completed on 11 July 1892 and departed for her maiden voyage on 15 July 1892, sailing from Liverpool to New York.
• The 470 ft, twin screw steamship was designed as a freighter with the addition of limited passenger quarters to handle the increased traffic that White Star was experiencing on its non-New York routes.
• After her first run, Naronic made five more sailings without incident, before departing on what was to be her final voyage on February 11, 1893 under the command of Captain William Roberts.
• Naronic had no wireless telegraph with which to send a distress call (it would be another five years before the Marconi Company opened their factory that produced the system the RMS Titanic used to send her distress signals), so whatever problem she encountered, her crew was on their own. The only knowledge we have of the incident comes from two sources.
• The British steamer SS Coventry reported seeing two of Naronic's empty lifeboats; the first lifeboat, found at 2:00 am on 4 March, was capsized and the second, found at 2:00 pm, was swamped. The first of these was found 19 miles (some sources put this at 90 miles) from the site where the White Star Line's Titanic would later meet a similar fate.
• The second source of information are four bottles with messages inside, which were recovered later, that claimed to have been written while Naronic was sinking. Two of the bottles were found in the United States, one on March 3 [3-3] in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, and one in Ocean View, Virginia, on March 30 [3-3].

Wikipedia[MSM 1]
• A subsequent British Board of Trade inquiry dismissed the iceberg theory as not fitting the weather patterns, but local reports in New York placed icebergs in the general vicinity of where the Naronic was sailing. Two separate reports were made of ships sighting lifeboats from the Naronic but the exact location or cause of her sinking has never been determined – it was even speculated that the ship was the casualty of a terrorist bombing.
Shipwreckology[MSM 2]
• On 2nd March the New York times reported that Naronic, which had been out nineteen days, had never been out for more than 11 days before and that the much slower Bovic, which left 6 day [sic] after Naronic, had arrived. The next day it was reported that except for one or two, all vessels travelling westward that could have been considered as overdue had safely arrived, none of which had seen Naronic.

• Today people seem to be divided on their views of the bottles, some highly doubt the bottles could have made it to shore in the time in which they did, others argue it is possible and that the bottles were two far apart and perhaps to similar to be hoaxes.

White Star Line[MSM 3]
• On February 19, 1893, the SS Naronic struck an iceberg in a snowstorm across the Grand Banks, killing all 74 people onboard.
MarineLink[MSM 4]
• In 1893, a ship called the SS Naronic, owned by the White Star Line, disappeared on the same route as the Titanic would take years later. Messages, washed up in bottles, state that the ship struck an iceberg but it has never been proved that these were genuine. The sinking, and the whereabouts of the ship, are still a mystery to this day.

• Morgan Robertson, an author, wrote a book in 1898 about a fictional ship called the Titan. In the novel, the Titan struck an iceberg and crashed. Apart from the name, the Titan and the Titanic had striking similarities; they both similar in size, they were both classed as ‘unsinkable’, both had a shortage of lifeboats, both were travelling at a similar speed, both hit the iceberg on the starboard side and both were around 400 nautical miles away from Newfoundland.

Liddell[MSM 5]
• Also at that time we weren't blessed with air and sea searches which might have helped solve the Mystery as is the case today, in a reported sea disaster. Facts are known that indeed no such search was undertaken when it was known that Naronic was missing, it was thought at the time she might have struck an iceberg an sank almost immediately.
Freewebs[MSM 6]
• The SS Georgic was a steam ship built by Harland and Wolff in 1895 for the White Star Line to replace the SS Naronic.
Wikipedia[MSM 7]
• Ronald Anderson was one of the first people on scene of the fire on the SS Naronic Sept. 17, 1949. More than 100 people were killed when the ship caught fire in Toronto Harbour. This is actually a misspelling of the SS Noronic, a ship that allegedly caught fire with "at least 118 people missing".
Toronto City News[MSM 8]
Wikipedia[MSM 9]



Photo 1

  • There seem to be no pictures of SS Naronic, but this is her sister ship Bovic - could it be a SS Titanic-Olympic-Britannic and Ms. Soto & so many 9/11 vicsim (non-existing) sister (ship) case?[CF 1]

Photo 2

  • Newspaper article from May 1903, 10 years later. "No authentic news of her fate was ever heard"
  • Another sister ship named here; "SS Tauric" (note: Tauric - Taurus = bull, Bovic - Bovinus = ox)


  • 4 bottles with messages "found"? @ these dates:[MSM 10]
  1. 3-3-1893 - "Feb. 19, 1893- Naronic sinking. All hands praying. God have mercy on us." The message was signed "L. Winsel." Could this "L. Winsel" have been John L. Watson, crew member? Clare gave the bottle to a Bay Ridge police captain named Kenny (of the 18th precinct) and never heard about it again.
  2. 30-3-1893 - "3:10 AM Feb.19. SS Naronic at sea. To who picks this up: report when you find this to our agents if not heard of before, that our ship is sinking fast beneath the waves. It's such a storm that we can never live in the small boats. One boat has already gone with her human cargo below. God let all of us live through this. We were stuck by an iceberg in a blinding snowstorm and floated two hours. Now it's 3:20 AM by my watch and the great ship is dead level with the sea. Report to the agents at Broadway, New New York, M. Kersey & Company. Goodby all." The message is signed, "John Olsen, Cattleman." There is no Olsen on the passenger or crew list list. The closest names to "John Olsen" would be John Watson and John O'Hara, both Cattlemen.
  3. xx-6-1893 - "Stuck iceberg: sinking fast: Naronic" The message is simply signed: "Young" There is no" Young" on the passenger or crew list.
  4. 18-9-1893 - "All hands lost; Naronic; No time to say more....T" The message ended or was signed "T" The closest match here is William Tobin, Cattleman or Christopher Tesch, crew member.[CF 1]
  • The disappearance of this steamer created a profound sensation. [??][MSM 11]

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