FAC 776 - aSHIFT vs the Great Reset

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FAC 776
Gaia back
the Great Reset
Chia rising over the Eastern Hills, Bogotá.jpg
host Ab the Fakeologist
Production Streamerbot
length 7:23:33
guests Gaia, hambone,
JustAGal, BuckCherry,
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Series Fakeologist Audio Chat
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14.1 - aSHIFT. - the World of Maskedness

FAC ; Fakeologist Audio Chat 776 aSHIFT vs the Great Reset is a 7:23:33 podcast recorded at Fakeologist.com with guests Gaia from Eye am Eye Radio, JustAGal, hambone, BuckCherry and Ab the Fakeologist about all kinds of things surrounding aSHIFT. and The Great Reset.


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  • Ab
  • Hambone
  • JustAGal
  • BuckCherry
  • Zarrek
  • Gaia



Gaia back at Fakeologist - 0-20 min

Hambone & Gaia - waking people up - 22-34 min

  • on a masked scale
  • we have to document history now because we know in the future Anne Frank diary will be written
  • Hambone - terrain theory vs germ theory
  • no difference between shooting heroine or vaccines to babies
  • there is no logic there - Hambone
  • vaccination is rape

you cannot be religious and
not be opposed to vaccines

  • Campfire Chat - Intriguing Whimsy - Eye Am Eye Radio
  • aDORE. - take care of the family

where do you want to be
when you're stuck for 5 years?


we are the first generation
in history who
can see the future


we are the abnormies guiding
the normies and New Normies

  • Molly
  • intelligence to learning from dogs - evolution - evolution = creation = evolution
  • Bouncing Brains in the Mentalversity

Gaia with Fakeologist listeners - 34-90 min

  • The Great Reset - is there for us
  • stop New Normie behavior
  • not aWARE.
  • we can see what is coming for us
  • work around and use their Plans against them
  • September 1939 - 297 days after
  • Kristallnacht - Night of Broken Glass - 9-11 1938
  • scampanic!
  • aSHIFT. chain
  • 85% we share, we are on the same page
  • time for action! The Great Reset
  • aSHIFT. 12 days aHEAD. of The Great Reset
  • aDORE. - care
  • mutual beneficial symbiosis
  • for a Future with MRM - The Power of Gossip - Mollycast 11
  • share best practices and recipes
  • means so many things
  • do you have debts, credits, loans, mortgages
  • change unsustainable situation!
  • money is going to disappear
  • Daoism
  • Ubuntu
  • Muisca
  • Yabahuaca
  • Georgia
  • Newspeak
  • Publishing Palace
  • Parool resistance newspaper
  • Vaccines
  • whatever effect, doesn't matter, it has an effect
  • dose doesn't matter
  • together we matter
  • you cannot be a vegetarian and accept vaccines
  • Palacio Pacho
  • unmasked guides
  • why should only the global elites profit from the economic disparity in the world?
  • GOD
  • YOU
  • get children aWAY. as much as possible
  • tribal shamanism
  • organic organization
  • Plan Persia
  • prescriptive programming - thank you Kham!
  • Nayirah testimony
  • no hurries, no worries
  • there is aSHIFT. happening, 12 days before The Great Reset <-- RED LINK, WORK ON THIS!!
  • SMEs
  • there's a war against your oxygen supply
  • I had 1 day more of the 90s
  • Agenda 2020
  • we are playable characters in The Hunger Games
  • The Great Reset
  • creality
  • Rollocoaster Ride hanging on a thread in my own car
  • Viruses
  • Vaccines
  • shout out to willose and Popularity Contest Podcast
  • Willose, Tank and Gaia - MP-ULTRA
  • Fight This Visible Monster
  • the US is too obese for the Future
  • BigPharma = BigOil
  • BigFood = BigOil
  • agriculture and the importance of aCORN.
  • 2029 Apophis - April 13
  • Everything Has Meaning
  • logical bolts connecting the meccano network of life
  • the World of Maskedness
  • the suggestion of surveillance is bigger than actual surveillance
  • script & scripture
  • Intriguing Whimsy spontaneous video!!
  • beautiful symbiosis
  • Mollycast 10 - Empowerment
  • we make the net work
  • carnies

MoreThanAGal & Gaia - 90 min++

Todo aquel que piense que la vida es desigual tiene que saber que no es así que la vida es una hermosura hay que vivirla

Todo aquel que piense que está solo y que está mal tiene que saber que no es así que en la vida no hay nadie solo y siempre hay alguien

Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y es más bello vivir cantando, oh, oh, oh, Ay, no hay que llorar que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando

Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y es más bello vivir cantando, oh, oh, oh Ay, no hay que llorar que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando

Todo aquel que piense que la vida siempre es cruel tiene que saber que no es así que tan solo hay momentos malos y todo pasa

Todo aquel que piense que esto nunca va a cambiar tiene que saber que no es así que al mal tiempo, buena cara y todo cambia

Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y es más bello vivir cantando, oh, oh, oh Ay, no hay que llorar que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando

Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y es más bello vivir cantando, oh, oh, oh Ay, no hay que llorar que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando

(Carnaval) Es para reir (No hay que llorar) Para gozar (Carnaval) Para disfrutar (Hay que vivir cantando) (Carnaval) La vida es un carnaval (No hay que llorar) Todos podemos cantar (Carnaval) Ay señores! (Hay que vivir cantando) (Carnaval) Todo aquel que piense (No hay que llorar) Que la vida es cruel (Carnaval) Nunca estará solo (Hay que vivir cantando) Diós està con él

Para aquellos que se quejan tanto para aquellos que sólo critican para aquellos que usan las armas para aquellos que nos contaminan para aquellos que hacen la guerra para aquellos que viven pecando para aquellos que nos maltratan

para aquellos que nos contagian

  • Santería
  • beauty of Cuba
  • JBC - Jaguar's Beautiful Cities
  1. Salzburg, Austria
  2. Cuernavaca, Mexico
  3. BBS - Beautiful Boquete Sync

O moon high up in the deep, deep sky,

Your light sees far away regions, You travel round wide, Wide world peering into human dwellings

'O, moon, stand still for a moment, Tell me, ah, tell me where is my lover! Tell him. please, silvery moon in the sky, That I am hugging him firmly, That he should for at least a while Remember his dreams! Light up his far away place, Tell him, ah, tell him who is here waiting! If he is dreaming about me, May this remembrance waken him!

O, moon, don't disappear, disappear!

  • Klaus Schwab - swab religion
  • Consential Nose Rape
  • July nose rape and the angel
  • shoutout for Mollycast 14.2 - CORONA

postcast beauties

I am JAG
but no cougar!



  1. aSHIFT.
  2. vaccines
  3. viruses
  4. list of research websites
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