FRAC 21 - Globalist Agenda Child Soldiers

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FRAC Podcast 21
"Globalist Agenda Child Soldiers"
Hitler-Jugend (1933).jpg
Live Friday September 27, 2019
Length 2:38:44
Host Geris
Production Geris
Guests Remote44, Exoterick
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Series FRAC
FAC 615

FRAC Podcast 21 (FRiday Audio Chat), named "Globalist Agenda Child Soldiers" is the 21th episode in the FRAC podcast series, hosted by member Geris, with new voice Remote44 and Exoterick as guests. The podcast aired live on Friday September 27, 2019 for 2:38:44.[R 1]


  • Prechat Ab with new voice Remote44 - about:
    • No Agenda show - 2 fans
    • Technology of 1980s and 90s, rather than technology lifestyle
    • First generation immigrant in Toronto, Canada
    • Humble & Fred show
    • parlando de Italia
  • FRAC 21: Globalist Agenda Child Soldiers
  • Death of Jacques Chirac
Other topics
  • Jaws girl with braces, braids and brainwashing
  • in this edition we are going to be following the news for once and discuss the poster children for social changes; GACS
  • the current, the previous, where are they now?
  • join us and bring us some perspective on that topic !
Topic Globalist Agenda Child Soldiers
Participants Geris, Exoteric?
Start time 19:00 ET / 01:00 CEST
Location Fakeologist Discord server, or listen to Radio 3 at
Can i join ? Write me (Geris) in Discord before please
Extra points
  1. David Lubin - read, comes back later in EarthCharter, Club of Rome
  2. Mao Zedong - read
  3. David Suzuki - (eu)geneticist and Severin Suzuki's father
  4. Relationship Thunberg-Arrhenius - NOT family!
  5. Thunberg is passed on maternally (jewish trad.) and an invented surname in the 18th century

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