Madrid train bombings

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Madrid train bombings
Atentado 11M.jpg
Type 1 bombing
Type 2 muslim scare
Year 2004
Date 03/11
Place Madrid, Spain
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Mainstream [MSM 1]

The Madrid train bombings was a major psyop taking place on March 11, 2004, in Madrid, Spain. The event happened 911 days after 9/11.




All four trains had departed the Alcalá de Henares station between 07:01 and 07:14. The explosions took place between 07:37 and 07:40, as described below (all timings given are in local time CET (UTC +1):[MSM 1]

  • Atocha Station (train number 21431) – Three bombs exploded. Based on the video recording from the station security system, the first bomb exploded at 07:37, and two others exploded within 4 seconds of each other at 07:38.
  • El Pozo del Tío Raimundo Station (train number 21435) – At approximately 07:38, just as the train was starting to leave the station, two bombs exploded in different carriages.
  • Santa Eugenia Station (train number 21713) – One bomb exploded at approximately 07:38.
  • Calle Téllez (train number 17305), approximately 800 meters from Atocha Station – Four bombs exploded in different carriages of the train at approximately 07:39.

At 08:00, emergency relief workers began arriving at the scenes of the bombings. The police reported numerous victims and spoke of 50 wounded and several dead. By 08:30 the emergency ambulance service, SAMUR (Servicio de Asistencia Municipal de Urgencia y Rescate), had set up a field hospital at the Daoiz y Velarde sports facility. Bystanders and local residents helped relief workers, as hospitals were told to expect the arrival of many casualties. At 08:43, firefighters reported 15 dead at El Pozo. By 09:00, the police had confirmed the death of at least 30 people – 20 at El Pozo and about 10 in Santa Eugenia and Atocha. People combed the city's major hospitals in search of family members who they thought were aboard the trains.

NO PLATFORMS, perhaps? Number four was in no-man’s land and could easily have been empty without anyone noticing when it was blasted. Number 2 may have been rather more advanced in 'starting to leave the station' than suggested. Number one was well inside Atocha station - apparent CCTV footage shows this one being blown. We imagine number 3 was also at a standstill in a station. So there should be pictures of platform carnage, right? There are lots of easily findable pictures of trains not apparently near platforms.


Nationalities of the victims
Nationality[MSM 2] Victims
Spain 143
Romania 16
Ecuador 6
Poland 4
Bulgaria 4
Peru 3
Dominican Republic 2
Colombia 2
Morocco 2
Ukraine 2
Hungary 2
Senegal 1
Cuba 1
Guinea Bissau 1
Chile 1
Brazil 1
France 1
Philippines 1
Total 192

Not ONE Englishman?

Not ONE German? Not ONE Italian? Only ONE victim from Western Europe? (France)

Gimme a break. Anyone who has visited Madrid will understand the utterly improbable odds of this.


The Madrid false-flag operation was a sorry flop. No one talks about it anymore, probably because of its horribly flawed management and the risk that the Spanish people - notoriously less gullible than Nordic Europeans and Americans - would fling the whole box of lies wide open. Let's have a look at the few pictures still available on the internet, still shamelessly published on mainstream magazines and similar official outlets.

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