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Pompeii & Herculaneum
Pompeii Herculaneum
Chapters Pompeii & Herculaneum
00 Eruptions of Vesuvius
01 Date of destruction
02 Discovery
03 Excavation history
04 Conclusions & ideas

According to mainstream historiography, Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by a single eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Vesuvio in Italian and Latin) happening in October or August 79 AD.

This view may be contested based on a number of characteristics, such as lack of secondary confirmations of the primary source of the "79 eruption" (Pliny the Younger), the geology of Vesuvius, the continuous activity of the volcano, the redefinition of history (see Anatoly Fomenko), the amalgamation of different styles in Pompeii, the history of discovery and covering it up again, the factual evidence from old maps and more.


I Arguments for 79 eruption

  • witness account "Pliny the Younger", confirmed by author .... in ....

II Arguments for multiple eruptions

See also: large historical volcanic eruptions

There are arguments for the idea that the "79 AD eruption" is an amalgamation created around the time of "discovery" (Herculaneum; 1709, Pompeii, 1738?) of several historical eruptions. A selection below.

1482 eruption

  • basis for Pliny the Elder narrative[R 1]

1631 eruption

1694 eruption


  • it is muddy
  • and volcanic
  • and frequent

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